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Jun 11, 2009 06:28 AM

Interesting New Restaurant near Princeton?

Having guests over this Saturday for lunch and they like to go to new "finds" near our Princeton Junction home. Any suggestions for relatively new restaurants in the area (not more than 20-30 minutes away); American or continental / Mediterranean cuisine preferred. Thanks!

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  1. Hmmm, this could be tricky because a lot of restaurants do not open for lunch on Saturday. The one that first came to mind - Eno Terra in Kingston - falls into that category. I then thought of BT Bistro on Route 1 but their web site is a little confusing about hours of operation. In one place they say they're open for lunch on weekdays; in another, it's sort of, kind of, implied they maybe, perhaps they are also open on Saturday :-)) Suggest you phone and check.

    BTW, this place has been discussed on the board. Do a search to check out the comments.

    1. if they do sushi and/or japanese cuisine and you are looking for something casual, i would recommend sushi palace in kingston. this place has a huge "wow" factor when they bring out the huge plate of all the rolls ordered. it is also unique in that it is all you can order, not a buffet.

      1. I immediately thought of Eno Terra in Kingston as well, before reading ambrose's reply. It certainly qualifies as new & interesting and matches your cuisine preference. Delicious Mediterranean food, and a fantastic wine list with plenty by the glass, in a fabulously designed buidling. Plus it's supposed to be sunny on Saturday, maybe after lunch you can all take a walk along the beautiful adjacent canal path along Lake Carnegie. Save room for the desserts, they are amazing.

        Eno Terra
        4484 Route 27, Kingston, NJ 08528