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Aug 31, 2004 12:56 PM


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Traditonal mexican place in Torrance.
(2404 West Sepulveda, just East of Crenshaw)

FABULOUS SALSA, stop in and get some to go!
Legions of devoted fans in the South Bay

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  1. Do you *really* believe that this "chain" restaurant has thee best salsa? Of course you realize that El Paso is part of a chain, right?


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    1. re: Joe B.

      At least they offer coupons!

    2. While the salsa is good I really go ape for the hot been dip. Awesome! Did't know it was part of a chain and really don't care. Never had a better been dip.

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      1. re: non veg

        Forgot to mention that they also have some great margueritas, which happen to be on special all day mondays

        1. re: non veg

          The salsa is good, sure.... But it's spelled MARGARITA (Spanish for "daisy"), not marguerita. Anyway, for salsa I'm partial to Enrique's (Loynes and PCH, Long Beach) myself.