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Jun 11, 2009 06:24 AM

New Khybar UK (Peshwari) on Barking Rd [London]

I've found something that's relatively unique and undoubtedly excellent! Much thanks to the Chinese Embassy for the free use of their internet while I wait to finalize my visa...

I was riding down Barking Rd in the process of moving house to Whitechapel the other day when I noticed a restaurant which declared itself to be authentically Peshwari. It looked open, but upon returning a few days later it seemed to be closed. Well I returned yesterday and I was rewarded massively for my persistence (and the epic bus ride from Whitechapel. Damn the tubes.)

Upon entering it still seemed closed (the gate was half down) except for one Pashtun speaking man eating and a collection of cooks at work at both the making of chapli kebabs and the installing of a tandoori oven (which looks outrageously heavy, btw.) Shortly the owner came over and the rest was pretty much a family visit to my long lost Pashtun relatives house. In the midst of North West Frontier Province antecdotes and a historical discussion on Afridis tribes and the region (I heart the Great Game)

To be continued... Alright I now have a visa to enter China for the next 6 months.

I was given an absolute mountain of chapli kebabs free of charge. Basically they're running a bit of a free period to attract mostly Pashtun customers but I just happened to show up right on time. They serve the best chapli kebabs I have ever had. They were also making incredible (veeeery thin) Peshwari naan with fresh slices of garlic, though the authentic version won't be complete until the oven is finished. The one I was given was a bit closer to a perfectly made yet incredibly thin normal naan while the finished product is supposed to more closely resemble the outrageously large flat breads that you'd find in Iranian establishments. As a whole the food is pretty close in its spicing and what not to Iranian and Afghan food. They have brown basmati rice, Afghan pilau, etc. On the other hand, the kebabs are a much stronger sign of the sub-continent (and they're probably the spiciest thing on the menu. They're not big on spice. They use a similar amount of dried fruit as Kashmiris btw.)

So in a nut shell the place opens on this coming Tuesday and it looks to be incredible. It's very small inside, but I'd love to get a chowdown together and I'm going to post on the Facebook group regarding just that ASAP. One thing that I am set on getting in the future is their whole lamb, arranged with all fixings. 150 pounds... One can dream.

The staff are the nicest and most hospitable guys I've ever encountered since Thattukada by the way. Absolutely amazing.

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  1. As a fellow post-colonial product of the Great Game, I am totally down for this.

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      it would be great to organise a chowdown with enough people to order the whole defintetly up for that...over to you justin..will be in touch via London chowhounds on facebook

    2. Sounds awesome -- many thanks, can't wait to try the chappali kebab and the rice dishes.

      1. Sounds interesting. You ever heard of/eaten at this place on Barking Road?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Barking Road is a long road, could you give a number or cross street?

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              Sorry all!

              The address has disappeared (I wrote it down as my phone wasn't with me and holding onto non-digital information is just hard.) It's extremely close to West Ham grocery near Plaistow Greengate if you want a rough area. It's on the 5 bus route from Canning Town as well as the 115 from Aldgate (towards East Ham.) Same side of the street as the gas station aka opposite side of West Ham grocery.

              1. re: JFores

                There cannot be too many places where two people can eat tasty food for less than £8.00.

                As Justin said, its ultra-friendly, although not, in my opinion, as much as a destination as Thattukada.

                When we first arrived, the owner tried to talk us out of eating there on the grounds of it being 'too authentic', but as soon as I explained who recommended it, he became more enthusiastic about us eating there and within a few minutes a large quality of Chapli Kebabs began to arrive with rice, bread and a kofte curry.

                The bill was embarrassingly small.

                1. re: loobcom

                  >When we first arrived, the owner tried to talk us out of eating there on the grounds of it being 'too authentic',<

                  The owner asked you to walk out the door??

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    Not exactly. He was extremely welcoming.

                    I think that he was merely seeking to determine that if we were looking for a Chicken Tikka Masala, then we might want to go elsewhere!

                    1. re: loobcom

                      Then that's fine! I think he has probably learned from past experience.

                  2. re: loobcom

                    Nice to hear you liked it. I suspect it's not quite a destination spot, but it's undoubtedly unique (and I'd still like to try the whole lamb.)