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Jun 11, 2009 06:08 AM

CLE - help finding goat's milk/products

Hi all,

I recently had a baby and have discovered he, like many, is not reacting well to dairy. It's only been 48 hours since I cut it out of my diet but he is already back to the calmer, happier baby I knew he could be.

I know humans aren't really designed to properly metabolize cow's milk proteins and am not surprised this is a problem, it is for a lot of babies. I think it will be a long while until I can start to re-introduce cow's milk dairy products into my diet (cries). Dairy is a big part of my diet and this completely sucks, but I want to do whatever is necessary to help my boy.

I'd like to try substituting some goat's milk/milk products into my diet. I remember reading that goat's milk is more easily digested by humans and is closer to human milk than cow's milk. The problem is twofold: I don't know where to get these products AND I don't like traditional goat cheese/chevre, I find it too tangy or gamey or something, though I'm generally a big cheese lover.

Does anyone have any Cleveland suggestions (W side/S side or downtown preferred) where I might be able to buy some goat's milk and possibly find some other types of cheese made with goat's milk besides the traditional soft chevre type? I'm normally all about scouting around but with a barely 3-week old baby who is exclusively breastfeeding, I need to have places already identified so I can get in and out of a store fairly quickly. I plan to have mr. rockandroller ask about cheeses at the Mediterranean store in the west side market, where we buy a lot of our cheeses anyway, but am wondering about conventional groceries or some other places to get cheese or milk.

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  1. Whole Foods, if you have one. I love dairy as well, but it's not something adults should be ingesting either. Whole foods also carries coconut milk ice cream that I love. The mango and chocolate hazelnut are really good, the vanilla- not so much.

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      Thx, I didn't even think of WF, we have one but it's really far away/out of the way for me, there's no way I can get over there. I will see if I can have someone else go there for me.

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        Don't forget- you get a 10% discount when you buy by the case.

    2. Can't help you with the goat's milk - but congratulations to you on the baby!!

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      1. I know it's a bit far for you, but might be worth a trip -- Mustard Seed Market in either Solon or Montrose. Also, a bit closer... there used to be a health food store called American Harvest in Middleburg Hts. Not sure if it is still there, but if so, would be worth a call. They don't have a huge selection of stuff overall, but may be able to order something for you. Actually, Heinen's grocery store is good about ordering products for people (in my experience). You might call your local one and ask if they have goat products (mention specifics) or if they'd be able to get them for you.

        Bring baby and the husband along (he can watch over the little one while you shop). I know what it's like to shop with a baby, though mine is now 10.5 months old. Congrats, by the way! And congrats on breastfeeding. I know for me, it's very rewarding. I'm still at it.

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          I also thought of Mustard seed in Montrose for goats milk.

          I remembered a local company making artisan goat's milk cheese and they are located on Fulton road, so you might be able to buy milk from them. The business is Lake Erie Creamery, 3167 Fulton. 216-961-9222

          Congrats to you and Mr R&R on the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

          1. re: Kelli2006

            I looked at Heinen's the other day but no dice. Will have mr. rockandroller ask around at the west side market this weekend. We do get down to the mustard seed pretty regularly but that seems a bit ambitious a trip yet with the newborn.

            I know about lake erie creamery but AFAIK their primary (only?) product is the traditional soft/chevre style goat cheese, which I don't care for.

            Thx everyone for the ideas.

        2. another idea for varieties sake is that you might ask at the BARICELLI INN restaurant in little italy. they are noteworthy cheese mongers and may have some for sale too if you ask nicely.

          don't forget greek feta, thats sheeps/goats milk too and shouldnt be too hard to track down.

          hmm, i dk about daves, but heinans will most likely have good variety.

          no worries, i bet mista rock will do ok at the wsm!

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            it's hard to find feta that's not made with cow's milk; pretty much all the feta in grocery stores is. I will have mr. ask at the mediterranean store, I'm pretty sure they have authentic feta.

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              Once again, Whole Foods carries several kinds in my area. I believe there are two stores in your city.

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                Yes, you mentioned that. There are two in the greater cleveland area but they are both over an hour away from where I live, not very feasible with a newborn.

          2. The original comment has been removed