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Jun 11, 2009 05:40 AM

What is a "Chicken Oyster"?

Title says it all. Is it part of a chicken? A type of oyster? What does it taste like? Thanks!

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  1. it's a part of the chicken that looks like an oyster, and it's slightly dark meat and the sweetest meat on the chicken. it is fat-oyster or rugby ball shaped, firm but tender and juicy, and is right next to the curved bone section adjacent to the thigh (which bone i have to look up).

    they are not the testicles!

    1. The oysters(two) are located on the back and considered mighty fine eating.

      1. Next to the gizzard, the oysters are the best part. The turkey oysters are even better

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          Next to those crispy bits of stuffing that poke out of the front of a roast turkey, a chicken/turkey oyster is my favorite cook's treat. On one of those days when I am weak and buy a rotisserie chicken and am smothered by the aroma in the car on the way home, the first thing I do when I get home is slip one (or both) oysters out of the bird and into my mouth.

        2. THANK YOU for asking this! Amelie is one of my favourite movies but I never got the part about the fellow who "likes to eat the oysters" of his weekly roast chicken.

          1. You have the geography now.

            And they are usually eaten over the sink with the fingers next to the cutting board while no one is watching. The oysters NEVER make it to the table at casa jfood.

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                The crafty cook does indeed develop several maneuvers for claiming this cook's prize and ingesting the oysters on the sly.

                In the past these have included:

                - sending the gang to the video store
                - waiting for the goal-line moment in a tied super bowl game
                - wiring a button in a secret place in the kitchen that rings the doorbell

                Triggering the smoke alarm is not effective, as the gang expects YOU to be the one who resets it.

                ANY method is acceptable if the cook really wants those oysters.

                But when I buy leg quarters, I become more benevolent as I prep the 5 pound bag. I reserve some of the oysters (pounded and shredded) for killer gravy, with neck meat and ground gizzards.

                1. re: jfood

                  they never do at my house either! :) my favorite chicken part, hands down.