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Aug 31, 2004 12:45 PM

New italian restaurant at the old 5 Dudley location in Venice

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Has anybody out there been to the new Italian restaurant at the old 5 Dudley location in Venice and what was it like?



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    1. re: jcwla

      Thanks jcwla for the review.

    2. Since Piccolo Cipriani has already generated a widely diverse spectrum of opinions on this board wrt chow, service, ambience & bathrooms (outside of restaurant), caveat emptor may be wise.
      N.B. SIV's review was positive if you tend to resonate with her.

      1. sorry to see the poor review of this place. I've been there twice and was actually very pleased with both the atmosphere and the food. There is a beet pasta on the menu that is honestly one of the most tantalizing pices of food that I have ever eaten. You bite into the homemade pasta and you begin to realize that you can taste each of the ingredients individually, but the taste fades quickly so you have another bite hoping to finally grasp and hold on to the taste, only to be let down. We ate practaclly everything on the menu and were very happy, with the wine selection as well. I recommend it, only dig is that the portions are very small.