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Jun 11, 2009 05:06 AM

Kosher Valley Chicken/Turkey

This is a new Kosher Producer, bought some yesterday NEW TASTE. I guess due to the vegetarian diet the birds are on. Also this is a antibiotic free product.

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  1. Found this yesterday at Orlando Sandlake Whole foods

    1. Curious if you have any connection with this company, just in the interest of full disclosure.

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        Not I. I am just a plain consumer who found the thread using google.

        I tried it tonight it was delicious.

        1. re: cherylp3

          I was actually referring to Jasonk2002, whose review struck me as just a bit too glowing and whose sole post is this one. Don't know why it didn't come up as a reply to his post. I have seen your name many times and have no such questions.

      2. I bought Kosher Valley chicken at Whole Foods (Jericho, NY) and it was very good- on par with Wise Organic which I usually purchase (the Kosher Valley is less expensive).

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        1. re: Lissy63

          I bought and cooked the Kosher Valley whole chicken from Stew Leonards. It was VERY good!! We normally eat Empire at home on Fridays but this was my first try and it was much better. Very moist and very clean tasting. We do not keep Kosher at my house and normally buy the Stew Leonards Naked Chicken. We gave this a try and it was well liked by everyone at the table.

          1. re: ProShopper

            I bought the Kosher Valley ground chicken a few days ago and the smell and flavor was horrible! I'm not sure if the product was rancid or just naturally very gamey. I'm wondering if anyone else has tried the product who could weigh in.

            1. re: SaritaRI

              I agree. Very gamey smell. I tried cooking it just a couple weeks ago and the smell was just awful. Fortunately, I had cooked the ground chicken separately from my veggies, so all was not lost. I really like KV's whole chickens and chicken pieces, though, especially if there is a good date on the package, at least a week out, although I prefer 10 days. For ground chicken, I stick with a kosher meat market or kosher butcher. Very fresh, always.

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            Empire acquired Kosher Valley in 2010. When the OP posted, they were still a separate company.

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              Maybe so, but it really does taste different. Not the ground chicken, but I like everything else a lot. Also whole foods carries a large selection.