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Jun 11, 2009 01:23 AM

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Hi, I am interested in finding some great places to eat along our route.

My husband and I will be leaving Chicago at about Noon, arriving in Uniontown, PA (South of Pittsubrgh) about 10pm according to what I am reading. This includes a little bit of time for stopping for gas. I am wanting somewhere possibly for lunch back toward were we will be starting (We know great places in the NW Suburbs of Chicago but maybe something after we leave Chicago instead would be fun to try). Then we would like something for dinner when we either get to the Pittsburgh area or just before. We will be traveling on a Friday evening so some places might be open later. We will be going I80/I90 route. If there is something worth trying before we get to PA please let us know. We might be willing to stop for dinner sooner, rather then later.

When we leave there it will be evening, however we are going to Canton/Cleveland area for a couple days so if you know some great places in that area that we should definatly hit please let me know. We will then be in Indianapolis for a couple days also, so great places there would be awesome too. We would like to stay reasonably priced for all meals, with some inexpensive ones thrown in and maybe a more expensive place a couple times, but no more then about 60 bucks for a couple. We would be drinking water or tea, no alcohol. Thanks.


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  1. As a native of Uniontown, PA, I often make the 600-mile drive from New England to enjoy everything that Uniontown has to offer . . . good food, great bargains, history and unrivaled mountain scenery. No trip to the Uniontown area is complete without a piece of pie at Glisan's (pronounced GLISS' ins). Glisan's is located about 15 minutes south of Uniontown of Route 40 East. Anyone in town can tell you how to get there. Here is an article about the legend of Glisan's pies from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

    While you're there, try the homemade rolls that are the size of grapefruits! Glisan's is located on the scenic "National Road," a veritable hotbed of US history. It's just down the road from Fort Necessity, the site of George Washington's first command as a young lieutenant. (That one didn't work out so well) . . . Also nearby are Ohiopyle, a glorious and scenic park and river rafter's dream. There are beautiful waterfalls, (the main falls and Cucumber Falls}, class III rapids and a natural waterslide that rivals any water park out there - where you sit in the water and slide for about a quarter-mile downstream! Also nearby is Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright's unsurpassed dream house.

    OK, back to food . . . Back in Uniontown, there is a small cafe called "The Cherry Tree Cafe" located on McClellendtown Road (Route 21). It's just a little shack by the side of the road, but the home cooking is just like grandma's house! There are daily specials like chicken and biscuits, hot turkey sandwiches, liver and onions, pork and kraut, and stuffed cabbage rolls. They serve breakfast all day, and there is a homecooked delight called "The Big Breakfast" that takes two trips for the server to carrry all it to the table! If you enjoy plain ol' home cooking, then this is the place to stop in Uniontown. While you're at the Cherry Tree, pop in right next door to the "Gabriel Brothers" store. You'll find bargains on clothing, shoes, domestics, jewelry and housewares the likes of which you'll never see again!! . . . REALLY!!

    Also in Uniontown, right on Main Street (Route 40 next to the Uniontown Mall) is the Eat n' Park restaurant. This is a chain located in the greater Pittsburgh area, but the quality of the restaurants can vary greatly. Most people say that the Uniontown restaurant is one of the best. The salad bar is much more than that . . . and the prices are great. The menu is varied and you're sure to find something you like. My personal favorite is the "grilled stickies a la mode" for dessert.

    I hope you have a wonderful and safe journey!

    Best regards,


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    1. re: sparky2034

      Thank you so much. We will actually be going to Falling Water on Saturday so the Pie place might be a GREAT lunch or Breakfast place that morning (pie for breakfast ROCKS!!). We were going to take a lot of direction from our friends since they are from the area but now we also have a few places to look at doing either by ourselves or suggesting to them and see what they think. We had decided we probably won't have time for the Fort, but we are planning to see both houses and Ohiopyle as well as we may end up doing a couple other things. We will actually be leaving Uniontown and going into Pittsubrg one night to do the Incline and spend the night there so that we can do the Zoo the next morning bright and early. Before getting on the road.

      Again thank you so much for the suggestions. I will have to come back and update the thread on where we did eat. We have NEVER been to PA, or OH for that matter and I have never been to IN...LOL...

      1. re: vmarker

        It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned, and I know you will long remember your time in the mountains of SW Pennsylvania! Glisan's is a wonderful spot for breakfast, if that's the way it works out for you. Just be SURE to ask for their homemade bread for your toast instead of the other store bought selections. I promise you won't regret it! Breakfast and pie is the only way to go at Glisan's.

        The Pittsburgh Zoo is wonderful and would certainly top my list too, for where to stop in "The Burgh." And no trip to Pittsburgh would be complete without a ride up the Incline! It really is a beautiful city . . .

        I hope you have a great trip, and YES . . . I would love to hear about it when you get back. Can you post it in this thread?

        I'll be going to Uniontown in July and I can hardly wait . . . We always have such a good time!

        Travel safely,

        sparky ~

        1. re: sparky2034

          We will be there in July also. And yes I will definatly post here after we return or even along the way so I don't forget were we ate. LOL.

          We are definatly doing the Incline. I am terrified of heights but my friends husband says that it is totally worth it. I can not wait to get the camera up there. We are gonna do it at night so I am very stoked. LOL.

    2. Search on the PA board for Chez Gerard-I'll admit it's a bit above your price point, but it's a remarkable little place-we always stop when driving between NY and Indiana.

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      1. re: David W

        Thank you for the recommendation. I looked at the menu with my husband and is definatly a little high and I don't know that I would be happy eating there. I am more of a downhome girl. Not to say I can not eat a really nice dinner out, but I think we would be more inclined for somewhere with great fish and seafood or steaks for a really nice dinner. I Love Salmon when cooked right and DH loves his steak. DH will eat anything, myself though I am not the biggest fan of mushrooms, and I will not eat any crustations, duck, lamb or anything like that.

        Again thank you for the recommendation.

        1. re: vmarker

          I can give some food recs for Indianapolis. What type of food do you prefer?

          1. re: napolean

            Anything really. We love comfort food. We also enjoy seafood (I don't eat crustations, but will eat Salmon and other fishes). We would like something that is not horribly expensive. And we do NOT want anything we can get here. So we try to stay away from chains unless they are either not here or mainly in the area we are visiting.

            1. re: vmarker

              There's not really anything you can get in Indianapolis other than Shapiro's that you can't get in Chicago, so I'd suggest Shapiro's Deli (there's simply no really great NY style deli in Chicago, don't even get me started on Manny's)

              1. re: vmarker

                Working Man's Friend for cheap but great burgers. Mug n Bun for fried everything and homemade rootbeer.

        2. I like Muldoon's Irish Pub in Carmel (on the north side of Indy). They serve up a great version of the Hoosier classic fried pork tenderloin sandwich.

          1. Reasonably priced in Cleveland:
            El Tango Taqueria (Mexican) Great tacos. Definitely order some soup. Many meals come with a great cabbage slaw.
            Buckeye Beer Engine (Burgers, sandwiches, wings, etc...)
            Flying Cranes (Japanese, closes at 6 weekdays) The curry is amazingly rich.
            Siam Cafe (Chinese and Vietnamese) I've recommended them many times so you can refer to older posts for specific recommendations.
            Pacific East (For Malaysian. Sushi might stretch your budget.)
            Bar Cento (pizza, other locally sourced, Italian inspired food)
            Hot Sauce Williams (good ribs. great Polish boy=sandwich with sausage, fries, coleslaw, bbq sauce and sometimes pork shoulder)

            For one of your nicer dinners, consider Luxe. For contemporary American food, it's one of the few that meet your budget criteria.

            The pictures are:
            short rib, tofu in broth at Pacific East
            bbq beef sandwich at Luxe
            ginger duck noodle soup at Pacific East
            ceviche at Luxe

            Siam Cafe
            3951 Saint Clair Ave NE, Cleveland, OH 44114

            Pacific East Japanese Rstrnt
            1763 Coventry Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

            Bar Cento
            1948 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113

            flying cranes
            cleveland, oh, cleveland, oh

            Hot Sauce Williams Barbecue
            3770 Lee Rd, Cleveland, OH 44128

            Luxe Kitchen & Lounge
            6605 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH

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            1. re: stuart

              Oops... My fault. Here's the missing picture.

              1. re: stuart

                Thank you for all the suggestions. My husband is also reading the responses and I am sure he will find several great things to try here. espeically the tacos one. We love getting real Carne Asada Tacos and things so that would be awesome to try.