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Jun 10, 2009 10:37 PM

vegas mexican and other off-strip must-eats?

visiting vegas (from new york city) for the first time in ages next week... will have a car and am not really interested in the fancypants strip restaurants. i've been reading about the following mexican restaurants: quinta belina, el sombrero, doña maria's, and rigos tacos #8. can anyone suggest which one's the best? or is there a better one? i was thinking quinta belina because the review i read said they have great mole, but was surprised to find no mention of it on chowhound...
was also thinking to try lotus of siam and either big mama's rib shack or memphis championship BBQ... any other suggestions would be appreciated! thank you!

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  1. I was not all that impressed with dona maria's, although everyone seems to like it. Never heard of quinta belina, where is it????

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      the address appears to be:
      8665 West Flamingo Road, Flamingo At Durango, Desert Breeze Plaza
      Las Vegas, NV 89147

      i read about it here:
      the article is from 2004 -- maybe it's closed?

      1. re: hungry_united

        OK, my offfice is at the corner of Flamingo and Durango and I have never seen this place. So yes, I suspect it is closed.....But I will cruise the strip mall there one more time just to make sure...

    2. I second your question, my friend. I will visit Vegas for the first time in a few weeks, and can't wait... Too add a bit, does anyone know if any great vegetarian-friendly restaurants exist in Vegas?

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        We're here now, and ate at an Indian place called Origin India last night. It was pretty good, a little pricey. Lots of vegetarian options and nice decor.

      2. The Mexican restaurant you must try in Vegas that's off the strip (and really all the good mexican restaurants are off the strip), is LaMadonna. Trust me...and the Chile Relleno is phenomenal. This comes with a caveat. If you like rice and refried beans and too much cheese, then don't go to La Madonna. If you like authentic Mexican foods...sometimes with a little twist it's a must try.

        6115 Fort Apache Road #112
        LV, NV 89148

        1. Rosemary's should be your first choice for non-Mex, off-strip dining. Go for lunch (their prix fixe is one of the best deals in town) and I bet you go back for dinner. I know I would... one of my fave places anywhere and easily deserving of multiple visits in one trip. The menu is that compelling, and the service cannot be beat.

          1. Our upcoming LV visit--after some CH research--will include Cathay House for dim sum, Aburiya Raku for Japanese small plates/pub and Sen for sushi.

            Our last LV visit included Rosemary's (you can get $100 gift cards for $80 @ Costco) and Lotus of Siam. I enjoyed both, but would class Rosemary's as a solid, upscalish neighbourhood restaurant and less a destination spot--but that's my $0.02.

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              That is a great tip about the Costco cards. Is this only at the Las Vegas Costco, or anywhere out of state?