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Jun 10, 2009 09:14 PM

Deacon's Corners the market on breakfast in Vancouver

We’ve now been to Deacon’s five times for breakfast in the last two months and it’s official: the hashbrowns are not consistent. Sometimes they’re underdone, sometimes they’re underseasoned. Once, I decided to sub them out for the baked beans. This is a little trick I picked up in England, though there it was to avoid the baked tomatoes :-). Anyway, it’s a worthy deak at Deacon’s, though the beans are different than I expected. First of all, I think they are kidney beans. They are also quite sweet. But it’s a combo I’ll try again. I’m a firm fan of their biscuits which I always get instead of toast. One time, an owner came by, saw I was having the biscuit and said “you need gravy with that” and lo, a side of gravy appeared, gratis. I’ve never had that kind of gravy with ground beef in it. Despite the slightly odd appearance, it kinda grew on me. Speaking of meat, the breakfast meat products have been high quality every time, and passed the acid test of their crazy BLT (see pic). This baby is not for the faint of heart (6 rashers!) but it is delicious. All the egg variations we’ve had have been tasty, with a particular nod going to the English muffin sandwich which comes in the red checked paper. The pancakes and omelettes are also very good. Deacon’s is in our regular rotation. Added bonus: it’s kid friendly, especially if you nab a booth. My niece has made several Deacon’s buddies already. If you haven’t been, you should go. I’m looking forward to trying their lunch offerings. Prices are very reasonable for the generous portions and the coffee is pretty decent too.

Here's the April 19 spread:

Deacon's Corner | Gastown Diner
198 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A, CA

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  1. And next we have April 27 with the evil BLT and an omelette (this was an overdone hashbrowns day and our only weekday so far).

    Then it's May 3 when I tried the beans, and my niece discovered the joys of Deacon's.

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    1. re: grayelf

      Thanks grayelf - we were in Vanc yesterday for the day and hit here for a late breakfast. Pancakes w/bacon for my hubby (THE biggest pancakes ever - more soft-spongy than fluffy - quite good, but can't imagine the "Big Boy" serving of a stack of 5 - he barely got thru the 3 on the regular menu) I had corned beef hash with a side of the biscuits & gravy to try (I'd heard some US reviewers saying they were the closest to true B&G they'd had in Canada) - they were good. Corned beef was nice - a little heavier on the onion & red pepper for my taste - but still enjoyable. Great looking place (except their flood-damaged floor, currently). I'll be back, with an appetite, for sure.

      1. re: cassie

        Glad you liked it,cassie. I have a photo of the pancakes that I didn't post for some reason and they are indeed dinner plate sized. We've never ordered any of their "big" breakfasts as the regular ones are more than ample :-). I didn't know they had a flood -- ack!

        It is a great idea to go on off hours as it can be quite busy at opening on the w'ends.

    2. I've eaten at Deacon's several times, and I'm with you on the hash browns; they can be crispy one time and soggy the next, or (too) spicy one time and bland the next.

      But other than that, they do a pretty good job in breakfast-deprived Vancouver.

      1. I've been a bunch of times of well. The meat in the gravy is sausage, which makes it magical. :) Seriously, I'm from the US and have eaten at a bunch of southern diner/b-fast places -- Deacon's biscuits & gravy is some of the best.

        Pancakes are incredible.

        Agree on the hashbrowns -- really inconsistent.

        Love the quality coffee!

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        1. re: JEheartbreak

          Thanks for the clarification, JE. I should have put "ground meat" as I didn't know what kind of beast it originated from :-).