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Jun 10, 2009 09:14 PM

Bakers: Are chocolate/candy molds too tiny to make tasteworthy mini cakes?

This is the one I had in mind:

It makes 30 to a sheet. This site mentions really that it's suited to chocolate and candy making rather than cake-making but I'm wondering if it could be useful for that... or if you'd recommend against because it would be 'all outside, no center' in terms of the taste of the bite-sized morsels.

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  1. The description lists "teacakes" as a recommended use for the mold, so I think you'd be just fine with the right recipe. It looks like it makes cakes a similar size to those my mini muffin pans produce. I'm not sure how well any of that detail would show up on a mini cake, but taste-wise, I think you could definitely make it work.

    If you want a compromise, you could take cake scraps, beat them together with your favorite liquor until slightly wet and moldable. Paint the molds with a thin layer of chocolate, fill with the cake mixture, and layer a thin chocolate shell on the bottom. Chocolate on the outside, cake on the inside. These are typically made round and called cake balls, but I've seen them made in candy molds as well.

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      Man did you just sell me on getting a pan like this. :)

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        That's a great idea. As tor Cinnamon; I find that whenever I buy a muffin from starbucks or something, I'm already tired of it halfway through.

        I think smaller cakes is a great idea - have 2 if you want, but you don't have to stuff yourself!

      2. What kind of cake? Something simple might work -- e.g., pound, white, chocolate, or cheese, etc.

        But I wouldn't try anything even remotely complicated like a layer cake.

        1. How about a rich cake like financiers? They're meant to be dainty.

          1. check out; she specializes in mini cakes and cake pops. I believe she bakes cakes, then pulverizes them with icing to make a sort of cake clay, then molds them. She has a ton of gorgeous ideas, though!

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              Wow, the cake pops look kind of amazing.

              Wonder if my 215-calorie-a-slice but still rich Too Much Chocolate Cake would hold up to that sort of treatment.