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Jun 10, 2009 08:11 PM

A place not on the subway line: Where should I go if I have a car for one day?

Like many in Manhattan, I don't own a car, but I have access to one next weekend. So, my question is quite simple, where should we have dinner next Saturday night that we otherwise would find inaccessible?

I'm open to suggestions anywhere in a 30-40 mile radius of NYC. Just looking for a little gem that I cannot get to on the subway or public transportation.

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  1. The first things that jump to mind are Blue Hill's Hudson valley restaurant or someplace on Staten Island, perhaps one of the pizza places.

    1. Try City Island in the north of the Bronx...many good places. Sorry...not current with any places on Staten Island. Check the other entries for Sheepshead Bay/Kings Plaza...some good places around there.

      The rest is typically subway-accessible.

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      1. re: Potrezebie

        Potrezebie, Ive not heard of any good restaurants in City Island - do you have any to recommend that are worth the trip out there. ditto Sheepshead bay

        1. re: Potrezebie

          What are some good places on City Island? I went and was totally disappointed with the choices. I saw a lot of valet service, catering hall style, over priced rundown looking restaurants. Ended up at some weird takeout/arcade place which was over-run, mediocre food and dirty- name escapes me.

          1. re: malibu

            CIty Island was good 30 years ago.

            What types of food do you like? Looks of good options.

            1. re: baldwinwood

              We had thought of City Island (biked there one time) but didn't know if there was a standout place. It kind of looks like a lot of fried food and hush puppies place.

              As for what we like. Everything, particularly anything spicy!!

              1. re: Agedbeef

                On Staten Island, you could try Dosa Garden: 323 Victory Blvd
                Staten Island, NY 10301 (718) 420-0919. It has gotten a lot of good reviews here and is unusually good. The cook is from the Chettinad region, see

                1. re: BMartin

                  does the restaurant offer meat specialties of Chettinad or just the stardnard so. indian dosa-idli type menu.

                2. re: Agedbeef

                  Southern Spice in Flushing, Queens some of the best Indian in New York.

            2. re: Potrezebie

              Forget City Island. If you want good food in The Bronx, head to Arthur Ave. in the Belmont section for Italian. Though technically reachable by subway/bus/Metro North, it's a heck of a lot easier to driver and there is plenty of free street parking or cheap parking in city lots. Do yourself a favor too and get there early to hit the market and the little food stores (all close by 6 if not earlier) for fresh cheese, breads, Italian meats, fish/oysters and handmade pasta. If you want to make a day of it, combine it with a visit to the Bronx Zoo or the NY Botanical Garden. Don't forget to grab some canolis or sfogliatelle too. You won't regret it and you'll never want to set foot on Mulberry St. again.

              1. I like the idea of Blue Hill if you really want something special. An afternoon in the Hudson Valley and a dinner there sounds nice (and pricy)

                If you are interested in Indian food and culture want to do some exploring. This is something Ive wanted to do on a Saturday for a while. in addition to having a dinner, a cruise of Oaktree Road in Iselin would be fun. - Id search the tristate board for be best current dinner reccs there.

                While most neighborhoods in NY are reachable by public trransportation the tirp can be long and you have to decide whether the thing you want at the end is worth the trip and time. One advantage of a car is that you can cruise between neighborhoods and destinations so that no one destination has to justify the whole trip. You can snack and shop around, go to one place for dinner and another for dessert, etc. In Brooklyn you might want to check out Coney Island Ave turkish (TacisBayti,Gulloglu and Brighton Beach for example)

                Flushing may include Southern Spice or Hunan House. Yes, you can get to it by train but it can take a long time on a weekend and you might want to explore some other neighborhoods on your way back.

                Or in remote Queens, Southern Spice

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                1. re: jen kalb

                  Thanks for all the replies! There are some great suggestions. I posed a similar post on the tristate borad so there are some good ideas there as well.

                  1. re: jen kalb

                    "Flushing may include Southern Spice or Hunan House."
                    Given a choice between the two - purely on the basis of the car issue and nothing else - Southern Spice is the better choice. Much easier to park in the immediate area. I've never spent more than a few minutes looking for parking in the immediate area, and am usually able to find free street parking on Bowne Street. Hunan House is in a busy area of Flushing where the nearby meter parking only allows an hour at a time, unless you want to brave the insane muni lot on Union. Besides, Hunan House is a closer walk from the 7 train than Southern Spice.

                    Floral Park, while we're on the topic of South Asian, isn't a bad destination if you've got wheels. I've recommended Mumbai Express before, and I'll do it again. It might not be considered "destination dining" by some, but, combined with other choices in the neighborhood, and a chance to really stray from the beaten path to explore an underrated ethnic enclave, I think it's worth the trip.

                    1. re: Polecat

                      Do not go anywhere in Flushing where parking is an issue.

                      You will wish you'd taken the subway.

                      1. re: MRich

                        that big public parking garage has always worked for us - I wouldnt struggle for on street parking.

                        1. re: jen kalb

                          That parking garage can be a nightmare too.

                          1. re: MRich

                            There's a lot at 37th Ave. and College Point Blvd. that's never full. I've used it for years.

                  2. why not go as far south as you can?

                    KILLMEYERS in totenville, si.

                    ein prosit!