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Jun 10, 2009 07:28 PM

'the only' vancouver closes for good

turns out that my suspicions were bang on in that they were pushing more than just fish and chips, coke and heroin as well, never did eat there , kind of wish i had given it a go

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  1. Never had a chance to go but wished I did especially years ago especially when they were super busy and had crab all lined up against the window.

    1. First Save-On Meat and now this? Our first year of marriage in Vancouver is being wiped out! Of course that was a few (many) years ago. There was no restroom but the chowder was amazing.

      The addicts were closer to Chinatown and in the Vancouver General where I worked. At least our apartment on Robson is still there. I think it was the model for Robson Arms though the building on TV looks larger. The rent was $125 a month.

      1. Damn, I had their Manhattan Clam Chowder in my sights for the next visit. Anyone know of another place that might do a good version?

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          you mean with the crack croutons