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Jun 10, 2009 06:30 PM

Teach me to cook in Tokyo?

Hi everyone,

I'm going to be in Tokyo from July 8th to the 17th. While I'm there, I'd really like to learn how to make at least one or two dishes! I'm an American student studying in Beijing, so I'm fairly experienced with both Hunanese and California style cooking, and I'm fairly confident I can pick up whatever you want to teach me! In return, I'd be more than happy to a) teach you some delicious central chinese dishes, or b) bring you something nice from China.

I'll be staying in the Claska Hotel over in Meguro district, but I'm willing to trek pretty much anywhere in Tokyo for this. If any professionals would deign to have me in the kitchen after hours, I'd be honored, and likewise anyone who would be down with teaching me something at home!

Let me know, my email is

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    1. Let me guess, you're either Mari or a relative of Mari?

    2. You might want to check out the Le Cordon Bleu school:
      They do classes in French and Japanese, and they do customized groups in English...

      1. Tsukiji Soba Academy does great classes on making soba noodles. Inoue-Sensei is a great teacher and the soba you'll get to eat in the class is very good.

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        1. Elizabeth Andoh offers cooking classes in both Tokyo and Osaka. You can find info at

          1. The original comment has been removed