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Jun 10, 2009 06:22 PM

lunch San Antonio

I need an impressive/delicious place to eat lunch while visiting San Antonio this Saturday.All areas of town are acceptable .

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  1. The Lodge at Castle's located in a neat old rock house that has the feeling of being out in the country even though it isn't. Most importantly, the food is divine. We were there about a month ago for lunch, and some had the rabbit confit and others the salmon and all agreed it was excellent!

    The Lodge Restaurant of Castle Hills
    1746 Lockhill, Selma San Antonio, TX

    1. from the same chef and owner as The Lodge at Castle Hills is Tre Trattoria on Broadway right by the Whitty Museum. True authentic Tuscan Italian

      1. Mariposa. Its located inside Neiman Marcus at La Cantera mall on I-10 and 1604. Amazing choices of salads and sandwiches and several award-winning entrees. I know the head and sous chef, both outstanding at what they do. The service is phenomenal and the view is gorgeous.

        1. You can't get much more impressive than the Tower of the Americas. The restaurant revolves and you get a fantastic view of the city. If it's not open for lunch, Biga on the Banks is great and has a wonderful river view. Unfortunately there is a distinct lack of impressive lunchtime places in San Antonio.