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Jun 10, 2009 06:17 PM

Is Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil any good?

I just got an offer in the mail for 6 half liter bottles of Olio Carli EVOO for $29.99, which is half price. I've seen it at Fairway and actually think I bought the regular olive oil once for frying, but I'm not sure if the extra virgin is any good. My favorite is Frantoia, but that's pretty pricey. The thing that makes me curious is that they don't mention what region of Italy it's from in the brochure, which makes me think it's probably from Spain or Greece. I know both countries make some great olive oil, but I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to my olive oil.

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  1. I ordered this particular item along with several cheeses from i-gourmet about 3 months ago. I too am a bit of a snob when it comes to olive oil, but I truly love this product. It has a very smooth, clean, and easily blendable finish with very low acidity. Especially considering the price-I say go for it! I have tried many EVOO and this is one of my favorites. Where did you receive the offer from?

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      It was sent to me in the mail. I think because I subscribe to (the mediocre to bad) magazine Cucina Italiana.

    2. Carli's an interesting outfit--in Italy they sell only directly to consumers (tens of thousands) and a well respected national brand. The firm is in Liguria and does make a DOP extra virgin from local taggiasca olives, but I've not seen it here. Their regular EVOO "frutatto" is from all Italian olives, likely from Sicily, Puglia, and/or Calabria as well as Liguria, fashioned to a fairly smooth, mild taste reflective of the Ligurian style. Their regular "pure" olive oil is a multi (Euro)national blend, according to their Italian website. Assuming your bottles are reasonably fresh you've got a good deal.

      1. I recently ordered on a similar offer-- it took a super long time to get it (ordered in November, they charged me right away but didn't end up having it in stock to be able to send to me until March or April), but I've been quite happy with it!

        1. I know this is a really old post but I had to reply to throw my love for this brand EVOO to the list. I order it from the company a case at a time. I have tried many other brands that I can buy local but always end up going back to Olio Carli. Has to be my favorite EVOO out there. Excellent price to compared to most premium brands on the shelf at the local grocer.

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          1. I want to say that Spain make the best Olive oil in the world and Italy is just as good. I have had Olive oil from Greece and it was excellent but it was pure Virgin Olive oil. First you must ascertain that it is Pure Virgin since there are many fakes out there indicating Pure Virgin Olive oil and it is neither Virgin , nor pure Olive oil. There are many articles on line that can explain this. The best way to know you are not getting ripped off is get a bonifide company label. For example, Goya (Spanish, Olive oil) is great and has been around since I can remember and I am 64 yrs. old. The greek oil I got was given to me by a friend that has an Olive grove. Carl, I have been buying for the last there years and enjoy all their products. I buy their virgin olive from Italy and their pesto sauce which are both great. I would give them a try, you will not go wrong. By the way I also buy Coconut oil and it is also Virgin cold press which is great for the brain. Research that too. Good Luck! E.R. Aviles