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Jun 10, 2009 02:32 PM

Summer deals in SF [split from Redd or Ad Hoc thread]

Windy, I'm curious, what deals are you liking in (I assume) SF? I'll be coming into the city regularly this summer . . .

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  1. Aside from Dine About Town and expanded happy hour with food, Incanto is running a 3-course rustic dinner Sundays and Mondays that $30 or $39 with wine. Jardiniere is offering a Monday night 3 course meal that's $45 including quite nice wine pairings for each course. And these are fairly high end spots, offering comfort food with dessert and drinks.

    I suspect if DAT is at all successful in bringing in customers at $32 for 3 courses, the restaurants will keep it around beyond June 15th.

    But generally, this is great time to have a barbecue joint or pizza parlor. I'm sympathetic to high end places having trouble filling seats, but in these times, they have to prove they're worth twice or three times as much as the $10 fried chicken at the Korean place. Service is part of it. So is the perception of value.

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      I've wanted to try Jardiniere - sounds like a good opportunity. Thanks!