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Jun 10, 2009 05:53 PM

Where to buy "mock meat"/ soy fish?

I'm a big fan of the soy fish that many Thai vegan restaurants serve - it's got a totally different texture and taste than the soy chicken/beef that is sold in Trader Joe's / Whole Foods - and I believe it's made with seaweed. Does anyone have any idea of what Asian grocery store within a half hour of West Hollywood would sell this so i can make it at home? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know of any Asian grocery store within a half our of West Hollywood.

    If you're willing to take a longer drive, Ranch 99 has them in the frozen foods aisle. The good news is, they come in huge multi-fillet pieces, so you can stock up.

    1. My mom is a vegetarian so our family is very familiar with mock meats. I can't really think of any places within the geography you're seeking though so I can only give you recommendations for the San Gabriel Valley-so if you're ever in the area! 99 Ranch is a good start. Vege USA is my mom's go to place though.
      Their hours are kind of strange and I know they have or are moving to a new location in Monrovia so you may want to call before you go there.

      1. I have seen it at Hawaii Supermarket, at Valley Blvd. & Del Mar in San Gabriel. That's probably a little more than a 30 min. drive from WeHo.

        You might also try LAX-C, the monstrous Thai/Asian grocery near Chinatown,

        1. Thanks - I'm somewhat close to Koreatown but not sure if those groceries carried this - looks like I should aim more towards a Chinese grocery store.

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            Well, you're not too terribly far from Thai Town. But the even closer Koreatown supermarkets are worth a look just to experience them. I've been to the one at the Galleria, Galleria Market. (The Olive bakery just outside the front is really good, too.)

            There's also The Plaza Market at Koreatown Plaza.

            I believe it's Silom Supermarket up in Thai Town that is the big Thai grocer there.

            Thai Town is basically Hollywood Blvd. between Normandy and Western.

            This Veggie Guide says that Silom has tins of fake abalone... so that's a start.

            But if you're close to Koreatown now, I say venture over there for a look, since that will be the easiest return option for future needs.

            1. re: Cinnamon

              Good call on Silom as the link says there's a whole fridge full of mock-meats - going there tomorrow!

              1. re: sydvischus

                Have fun. They have a lot of good fresh veggies too.

                1. re: Cinnamon

                  So Silom had a good four freezers full of mock meats - vege "salmon", "fresh fish", kung pao "chicken", black pepper "steak", soy "jumbo shrimp" etc. - it was amazing - thanks for the tip! I was also able to buy my favourite vegetable, Chinese broccoli, for $1.29 a pound. Going to try to cook some up tonight with a Thai garlic pepper sauce recipe I found online...

          2. Just FYI for something a bit farther away, in Glendale there's a Korean market just north of the 134 that has a good selection HK Market (831 N Pacific Ave # A Glendale, CA 91203). They also have a great selection of fresh pickles.

            My favorite of all time though is farther out east, Arcadia Market in yes, Arcadia, off the 210 ( 645 W Duarte Rd Arcadia, CA 91007). The have a fresh refrigerated section of mock fish, chicken, sausage, and a whole frozen section as well with larger cuts, roasts, and other mock meats.

            Thanks Cinnamon for your list, i'm going to check those out too!