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Jun 10, 2009 05:48 PM

Milford Pizza and Mexican Food?

I have been driving by this place on Naugatuck ave in Milford CT for some time and desided to give it a try. I figured this was some greek pizza place that decided to put some nachoes and tacos on the menu. SURPRIZE This place is for real. The mexican food is very good and inexpensive. I have been to several of the Mexican places recommended here in Bridgeport and the food seemed authentic, but this place was very very good. I believe they also have a pastor to cook the meat and that was the attraction in the Bridgeport places.

I had the taco platters which contained 3 fresh tacos of your choice. The choices were beef, chicken, pork, sausage, spicy pork, and beef tongue (lengua) and a mixed meat taco. I had the spicy pork, beef and beef tongue. All were delicous especially the tonge. very tender melts in you mouth. The tacos were on warm corn tortillas with lettuce, tomato, onions and fresh chopped cilantro. The were accompanied by a salsa verda and a red sauce. Salsa verda was great, red sauce must have been enchiladas sauce it was ok. SO had enchiladas with salsa verda it was excellent served with rice and refried beans,

I went back a few days later for lunch and had the lunch special which was the same size as the regular order but for 6 bucks. It was great. I had the bistec encebollado which was steak, onions,with rice and beans served with hot corn totillas on the side. I was also very good.

So next time your driving down Bridgeport ave in Milford CT (route 1) and crave mexican food... don't stop at tne Taco Bell. Keep heading toard Bridgeport for about 1 mile turn left on Naugatuck ave then a quick right into the parking lot behind Milford Bank. Give it a try.

Can't tell you about the pizza and never will. This is real Mexican food served by probably real Mexicans ( or at least South Americans)

ciao for now

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    1. We tried their pizza accidentally since it was served at a kids birthday party across the street at the duckpin alley. Suffice to was excellent, and I myself have yet to find any pizza to top the likes of Modern, Pepe's and BruRm @ Bar if that helps.

      Will visit the restaurant to try the Mexican food for sure. Big fans of our local in Stratford, Acapulco's.

      1. Thanks for review As Co-owner of this establishment I am flattered at this review you sent about my resturant.

        1. Nice find. Especially if they have al pastor tacos.

          There is a similar pizza place on Main Street in Bridgeport serving tacos and tortas on the side.