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Jun 10, 2009 05:39 PM

Vienna BBQ Company

Has anyone been to the Vienna BBQ Company? I was down in the Tysons area and I was stopping by Cenan's bakery (an excellent recommendation) and there was an awesome aroma of real wood smoked bbq. I wandered a couple doors down and walked into the place where there were they were smoking some really tastey looking meats . Has anyone tried the food there? I would have but it was too early and I didn't get the chance that day.


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  1. Can't recommend it. It's not bad, but its not remarkable either.

    I work a couple streets over from that shopping center, eat out for lunch almost daily, and have been to that place once in the past two years. To me it seemed to be on par with Famous Dave's, but smaller portion sizes. I would eat there again, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

    A restaurant I can recommend, in that same shopping center, is Sweet Ginger. They serve primarily Japanese food, with enjoyable sushi. My coworkers and I (also foodies), order from there frequently.

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      Thanks. FWIW, I didn't catch your reply until just now but I went there for lunch today. I thought the lunch special (9.99 for a large pulled pork sandwich, 2 large meaty ribs, a side of potato salad, and a drink) was a pretty good deal. I'd rank slightly better than FD's, at least the one I've been to in Columbia. The pulled pork sandwich was good except for the bun which fell apart after a couple bites. It wasn't because it was soggy; I think it was just kind of old and dry. The place was pretty empty so maybe they lack sufficient turnover. The ribs were pretty good. They were smokey, juicy, and just the right texture. The potato salad was pretty good too. When I ordered they offered mild or spicy bbq sauce. I ordered the spicy which was also pretty good though I'd recommend getting the order without sauce and self applying. I thought they put a touch too much on the ribs and sandwich.

      I think your comment was on the money. The real wood smoke aroma though is still mouth watering.

      Thanks for the recommendation of Sweet Ginger. I'll try that if I have another chance. I am going back down there one lasst time tomorrow but I've already got plans to try out Bazin's for lunch and Greenberry's Coffee for a quick breakfast.(coffee and sticky buns were recommended). Though I'd also like to squeeze in another morning visit to Cenan's or the Tyson's Bagel Market. So much food and so little time. :)