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Jun 10, 2009 05:09 PM

Is fine dining at lunch in Toronto a dying experience?

In this enviroment and times a changing ss fine dining at lunch in Toronto a dying experience? I think with expense accounts flowing no where near as much these days if at all in some cases and resturants changing their direction, becoming more casual is this the case. I think the JK announcement shows this along with what some of the other chefs around town are doing.

I think the days of a resturant tayloring itself towards the expense account crowd are in the past, I think it is suicide if you do that, great tasting food does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Lunch and dinner are two completely different animals.

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  1. I have to disagree as bad as it is right now , even in this economy the high end restaurants that we're always packed for lunch before are still turning their tables. I went to Canoe for lunch a few days ago and it was a packed house, all the suits were their and since I made a reservation we managed to snag the last available table. Personally I feel that location a lot of time in relation to restaurants far outweighs the food on the menu. Having the downtown core and being surrounded by suits , no matter how hard the times are , you will always be busy for lunch. As far as JK Winebar I feel if they do sell the restaurant and it turned into another mediocre bistro with no heart, it will be a big loss to Toronto and Canadian food in general. I have eaten at JK for lunch previously and have found that although it was not busy , the food was good and consistent. The prices are by no means high for a fine dine lunch and and the portion sizes were more then enough to share. It would be a real loss in Toronto to lose a great chef In Kennedy who not only has a great amount of talent but is a great ambassador of Canadian food and Canada in general.