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Jun 10, 2009 04:37 PM

New Ramen hotspots?

Heading over to Japan again (to Tokyo and Sapporo) next month, for a couple of weeks.

any good ramen hotspots to report in either city?

Also, anyone been to a Japanese restarant called Shokkan, in Shibuya? its on the route 246, B1F of Hakka Bldg. Supposed to be excellent, but would love to hear some first hand reports

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  1. "new ramen hotspots" or "any good hotspots"?

    sapporo I can't speak to all that well but it helps also to know where are you staying in tokyo, how far are you willing to travel?

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        I felt the same way about Jiro (Fuchu shop, not the honten) my first time. It is both delicious and dangerous.

    1. Shinpuu in Fukuoka. Simply amazing.

      1. That bloomberg article has covered most of the really popular Ramen spots lately (i see them on tv like 1-2x a week), Theres a shop run by pro wrestling fans in Jimbocho that seems to be on TV a lot recently, but I checked it out and although the noodles were nice, the broth is crazy salty´╝Ü
        Although a chain, I've always been a fan of Ippudo, there's several locations across Tokyo; and Jangara Ramen also is quite popular for a chain (although REALLY oily, so beware).
        Tantanmen (spicy soup+ground beef noodles)/Tsukemen (Dipping noodles) are also quite popular in Tokyo, and there's a few good places for that as well.
        It really depends on what area you are staying... there's always a good ramen shop around the corner =
        )FYI Curry soup is really big in Sapporo (well for the past 2 years), so I'd recommend checking it out, I really liked MAGICSPICE myself.

          1. The best ramen I had in Sapporo was at a place called Aji no Tokeidai in the New Chitose Airport ramen gallery. They were doing cheese ramen during Yuki Matsuri and it was pretty darn good.

            The Ramen Yokocho alley was ok (ate at Tomiya) and I've since read it's a bit of a tourist trap. Very convenient when you're in Susukino, but there's a great soup curry place right near the Yokocho entrance.

            There's also a ramen gallery in the ESTA building at JR Sapporo.

            A quick google brought this up:

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              Yes, went to Kakiya at Esta bldg last time I was in Sapporo.. was amazing. So good that I ended up at the honten in Susukino later that night.. Drunk ofcourse!