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Jun 10, 2009 04:35 PM

SPQR or 54 Mint?

Trying to choose between the 2. Lots of posts on SPQR but not much on 54 Mint yet. I know it is pretty new. 54 Mint would be closer to where we will be staying but not adverse to cabbing over to the Fillmore.
SPQR has a sample menu on its website and looks great but not on 54 Mint site. Also any opinions on the respective wine lists? Thanks.

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  1. we loved our food & wines at 54 Mint... here are pics:

    hehehe... we were too busy eating and chatting to photograph the dessert "before" and barely did the last pix before the plate was wiped clean - perhaps it was the olive oil sponge cake but I can't be certain... we loved it.

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      So where would one park for this restaurant? Mission garage?

      1. re: ceekskat

        Mission & 5th Garage would be perfect.

        BTW, here's an interesting parking site if you have questions like this in the future...

    2. I only had to ctrl + it about 6 time but was able to read it.

      1. Haven't been to 54 Mint yet, but have had several delightful meals at SPQR, not to mention Fillmore is a great street to stroll after lunch or dinner. The way the menu is setup is conducive to sharing, which gives ample opportunity to sample more dishes. Their wine menu is pretty fantastic. We winnowed down into the selection our bartender suggested once we decided on our entrees. While the brussels sprouts are a main feature on the antipasti menu, the sweet potatoes should not be missed- crisp candy nuggets with just the right amount of savory.