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Jun 10, 2009 04:29 PM

Spicy Bulgogi at Burger Tex?

Can anyone report on the spicy Bulgogi burger at Burger Tex? That place has always looked a bit sad to me, but they have a new paint job and seem to be pushing the Bulgogi, which has me curious.

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  1. I love it, and I love the new kooky Food-Party-esque paint job there. The Spicy Bulgogi has a nice slow burn to it, that you can make even hotter with the application of their chili-mayo spicy sauce. Don't do anything silly like ask for cheese on it when they ask though. Good buns, a build-your-own selection of toppings that are (aside from the spicy sauce) nothing unusual, but never wilted or unpalatable. Their regular burgers are my second favorite in town too (after the Amarillo Burger at Casino El Camino, still haven't tried the burger at Roaring Fork).

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      I had the Half Ass burger (1/2 lb for $10) at Roaring Fork earlier this week and it was very good. It comes with cheese, veggies, and 2 thick slices of bacon, and was cooked just like I ordered it (medium well, cooked but juicy). It comes with a kettle of fries (far too many for me) that were good but not great. The large (Big Ass) burger for $14 is 3/4 lb!

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        That's the one. Thanks for the reply, Mr. Wiggins. Gotta admit that I'm a little tempted to add swiss cheese...

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          Yes, just the one on the drag. The crazy pink and orange one.

        2. I haven't tried it, but a friend who is a devout carnivore (but not an adventurous eater) LOVES the Bulgogi at Burger Tex.

          1. I can't get the menu on their website to load. Is there a spicy Bulgogi option there? I've had a regular "Bulgogi Burger", but wouldn't call it spicy at all. I wasn't wild about it myself. I've only had it once quite some time ago, but I remember the meat being tough. And you're right... the place is kind of sad.