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Jun 10, 2009 04:16 PM

Santa Barbara casual lunch

Anyone have any recs for casual lunch spots in the Santa Barbara area which are easily accessible from the 101 freeway? Whenever I drive up to the central coast I usually end up stopping near SB for lunch but haven't found anything spectacular.

Been to La Super Rica and wasn't too impressed although it sounds like it depends a lot on what you order.

As far as cuisines I'm pretty much open to anything.

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  1. We always stop at Santa Barbara Shellfish company at the very end of the pier on our way up the coast. Good Cheap seafood and beer on tap. It takes you about 5 min once you get off the free way.

    1. There are so many fun places to choose from. It all depends what you're looking for. There's the Beach Grill at Padaro Lane for great pizza and very casual outdoor seating (on Santa Claus Lane in Carp) -- here's a link to a review: Also in Carp is: Tacqueria Rincon Alteno for yummy Mexican food. Hmmn, Mexican. Let's see, you could try Altamirano's (on Milpas St. in SB), Los Arroyos in Montecito is vey good, but expensive and the service is hit and miss. Further down the 101, off the Glen Annie exit in Isa Vista you can find Super Cuca's. Also in IV, and good, but not Mexican, is Silvergreens. Meanwhile, back in SB, there's also D'Angelo Pastry and Bread on W. Gutierrez. (I think it's off the Castillo exit, but check.) It's fantastic for breakfast, and it's open till 2 pm. Limited seating means there can be a wait, but the food is terrific. For a taste of Solvang without the extra drive, try Andersen's Danish Bakery. It's authentic Scandinavian food served (mostly) by big blonde women, which my husband seems to enjoy. There are so many good restaurants in SB (and of course lots of not so great ones). Do me a favor and post if you happen to try one of the places I've mentioned here.

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        I came across this thread also searching for a quick nice spot for lunch in SB off the freeway. We decided to stop at Andersen's and loved it so much we ate there on the way back as well. We have eaten at a lot of places on State Street before but never here. Obviously we loved lunch -- the first time I had the goulasch and my wife had the tuna salad. Both were excellent, and we got several pastries to go. This place makes some of the best pastries I've EVER eaten, and I've eaten a lot of pastries.

        Everything it seems, is made in house. The pickled herring open faced sandwich I had for my second lunch was phenomenal. I don't have herring much at all, so I expect it to be good and this was. My wife had the crab salad sandwich. We got a large strudel to go for $10 and it's almost gone already.

        The restaurant is not limited to central European or Scandanavian dishes -- they do very nice looking breakfasts and more traditional American dishes as well -- several people ordered a Reuben while we were there.

        This place is the Bomb -- I can hardly wait to return. Thanks for the rec!!

      2. My favorites are Sojouner Cafe and Opal.

        1. Right off of the Castillo exit (go left on Montecito St.) is the Brew House. Looks like a dive, but the food is excellent. It's a very "local" spot.

          Brew House
          229 W Montecito St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I'll keep them in mind next time I'm in the area for lunch.

            Anyone have a recommendation for a good local deli, pizza or burger joint?