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Jun 10, 2009 04:16 PM

wedding lunch near toronto city hall

we're planning on having a very small (18-20 pple) and casual wedding at city hall in the summer. any ideas for restaurants where we could host a nice lunch. We are looking for a venue that's close to old city hall (so that we can stroll over as a group). We're on a super tight budget (ideally $45-50 including liquer, tax and tip per person). Any suggestions??

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  1. I know that the name "Beer Bistro" isn't exactly what comes to mind when you think of weddings, but it would fit the bill quite nicely, I think. They have a private room the right size for your group, it's an easy walk away, and their set menus start at $26.50pp:

    The Osgoode Hall restaurant is right next door to Old City Hall and would be the right price point, but I believe they're only open through June (and then closed for the summer).

    Another thought would be the Terroni on Adelaide. Again, not super-weddingy, but it's the right price point and I think they have private rooms (though not sure).

    Nota Bene and Forte would both make for a nice lunch, and are an easy walk, but I think would end up being outside of your price range, especially factoring in drinks.

    1. Try Note Bene, I'd be surprised if you couldn't negotiate a set menu in your price range for a summer time lunch. It is so close to city hall, doesn't hurt to ask.

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        I'd be surprised. $45-50 for food, liquor, tax and tip/pp. at Nota Bene seems to be stretching it a bit.

      2. Lai Wah Heen is nice - though I don't know if that's quite what you're thinking of. Just up a small side street from City Hall. Might stretch the budget a bit depending on liquor. They're used to groups, as they're located in the Metropolitan Hotel.

        I would also second Nota Bene if you can stretch your budget.

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          Congrats! Lai Wah Heen would be a great option and I think you could make it work for a dim sum lunch if that is to your taste. I have been to a post-city hall-wedding lunch there and it was great.

          Other ideas might be Great Cooks on Eight at the Bay at Yonge and Queen - they may have a good space for you and the right budget - the food is lovely; or Superior Restaurant on Yonge (although I haven't eaten there I've heard it is not bad and I believe they do have private rooms).

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