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Jun 10, 2009 03:59 PM

Help! Down in the S.F. Valley

We'll be in the Valley this coming weekend and the part of the following week. Would appreciate any touts on Asian, Middle Eastern, or Italian restaurants. In advance, thanks for the help!

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  1. I hope you receive plenty of suggestions. There's a gazillion threads as well. Here's a few of my go to's: Pho 999 7255 Reseda Blvd (818) 705-1899, Ba Le Valle 7223 De Soto Ave Canoga Park (818) 348-8578 (order the oyster chicken dish w/rice), Shamshiri Grill, Skafs Lebanese 6008 Laurel Canyon Blvd NoHo (818) 985-5701 **Not open Sun**, Ali Baba (on Chatsworth/White Oak Granada Hiils),
    and thanks to Hypnotic23: On Devonshire across from the Amtrak station at the Ralphs shopping center.

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      Thanks for the quick response. Do you remember any of the threads? Thanks again.

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        Buried somewhere in the piles that is Chow however, Here's a couple more:
        If you like Indian: Punjab Palace behind the Northridge mall 19524 Nordhoff St,
        (818) 727-9374. There's also Village Tandoor at Devonshire/Reseda but, i like Punjab better for their buffet. Catch 21 across the street from Village Tandoor where REI is, is really good. They have a senior special too. Grilled fish, cheap and good. Definitely Brent's Deli @ Parthenia/Corbin as mentioned. I also like very much, California Chicken Cafe on Nordhoff/Reseda Nordhoff side shopping center. And for great Thai: : Lum-Ka-Naad. Another stop I like is Emle's On Reseda just S of Plummer east side. Check w/your mother-in-law about the coupon mailers. There's always coupons for some of these places I've mentioned. If you want a fab bakery, go to Delicious @ Nordhoff/Reseda Vons shopping center NW corner. Da bomb! There is also, in the same plaza as Emele's, Weinie Bakery, a little shop selling asian pastries that are quite yummy. House of Bread is at Mason/Devonshire next to Panda Express. Check the 1/2 off shelf. (Trader Joes across the street). Enjoy. The weather should be real nice.

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          Delicious Bakery in Mission Hills has been out of business for years.

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        My mother-in-law lives in Chatsworth, but we'll drive anywhere that chowhounds recommend.

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          While deli was not on your list of interests, Brent's Deli on Parthenia in Northridge, west of Tampa/east of Corbin is probably one of the best in the LA area, and is close by, so if that thought might cross your palate...

          1. re: carter

            Yeah, Brent's is the holy grail (is it were) for us- can't get that kind of food up here in the Bay Area. Never could figure out why . . .

      2. For Middle Eastern you have Carnival in Sherman Oaks on Woodman Avenue and Alcazar in Encino on Ventura Blvd. Their is also Hummus Bar in Tarzana on Ventura Blvd.

        For Asian, you have endless numbers of sushi bars that you can do a search for. Also, do a search for Thai in North Hollywood and you'll get many good options. Not a lot of authentic Chinese but there's Sam Woo BBQ restaurant on Sepulveda at Victory.

        There is no spectacular Italian, but many like the friendly vibe and food at Spumoni, on Ventura, in Sherman Oaks.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          Also, Mezzo Mondo on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City

          1. re: FranklinJefferson

            You could try Puro Sabor in Van Nuys. It's Peruvian but with an Asian influence,so there's noodles and fried rice. It's real yummy and different in a good way. Lots of Chowhounds swear by it.

            1. re: Galen

              I love Puro Sabor, both the food and gracious staff but be forewarned, I went a couple of days after last weeks review in the L.A. Times and the place was swamped by gringos that had read the article. I didn't know about the article until the folks at another table asked me about my order and asked me if I was there due to reading the article. The kitchen especially was not ready for all the orders. Took 50 minutes for our order to come and larger parties that came in and ordered after us were served before us. I'll probably wait a couple of weeks before I return and see if the crowds have tapered off and if the staff has adapted to their new found and well deserved acclaim!

              1. re: sel

                Forgot to add a link:

                Puro Sabor
                6366 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401

        2. Strong second to Hummus Bar & Grill (incorrectly listed by prior poster as "Hummus Bar") in Tarzana -- on Ventura Bv. near Reseda Bv. Best hummus I've ever had. Or, if everyone in your group agrees, go with the salad sampler; for $10 a person you get a dozen wonderful salads (and other things that I don't really consider salads, e.g., chopped liver), great fresh-baked flatbread, and they continue to bring replacements until you stop (or explode). It is perhaps the best food bargain in the Valley. All the food is terrific, and the service is informal and friendly -- and not just "friendly in an Israeli sort of way."

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              along the same lines, another israeli competitor to hummus bar and grill, a bit farther east on ventura in encino, is ITZAK HAGADOL, 17201 ventura blvd, open from 11Am to MIDNIGHT.
              i like them both

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                My favorite Israeli places are Sassi Mediterranean in Encino at Haskel and Ventura and the Golan in North Hollywood - Victory between Fulton and Coldwater.

            2. Woodlands Restaurant on Topanga near Lassen is a So. Indian vegetarian place. The Mandarin Deli on Reseda south of Plummer and A&W Seafood across the street from it are very good.

              If you want to try Vietnamese vegan go to the Vinh Loi Tofu on Sherman Way a couple of blocks west of Reseda. Also the India Sweets and Spices at Parthenia and Lindley has chowhound cheap combo meals for $4.99. If you like Korean tofu soup go to the BCD Tofu House at Saticoy and Lindley.

              For fantastic Mexican seafood there's Poco's Mexican Inn at Sherman Way and DeSoto.

              9840 Topanga Canyon Blvd, Chatsworth, CA 91311

              Vinh Loi Tofu
              18625 Sherman Way Ste 101, Reseda, CA 91335

              BCD Tofu House
              18044 Saticoy St, Reseda, CA 91335

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              1. re: caille en sarcophage

                vinh loi tofu is so inexpensive that my usual ordering strategy there is to order virtually everything on the menu and stuff myself silly.