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Jun 10, 2009 03:55 PM

Arthur Avenue Retail Market??

I've been reading the relevant threads in preparation for an upcoming trip to do some food shopping and eating.

For a quick lunch, perhaps a stop for burek at Tina and Tony's--followed by pizza at Trattoria 089? Any particular kind of pizza there??

Now, what about the covered retail market? I've never been awed by this place, but perhaps I am missing something. I know about Mike's Deli--what else stands out inside the market?

Any thoughts of which fresh pasta is best at Borgatti?

Many thanks!!

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  1. was just there today, seems like there is some festival with lots of food trucks being set up for wed through sunday there, kind of looked like the festival they have in Little Italy, san gennaro..anyway...a must stop is Casa Della Mozzarella, fantastic fresh mozzarella,--Moon Pizzaria couple doors down, very good slices, excellent eggplant and plain--did not care for Delillo pastry but did like Madonia Bros cannoli. Found the retail market filthy by my standards, and I can't stand the smell of cigars which are being rolled in the front of the place. In the back is Mike's Deli, and their stuff looked very good--but you can get good sandwich at Casa Delle with their killer fresh mozzarella. Borgatti is good, had some good ravioli from there. There's also a very nice liquor store there whose name evades me at the moment, but very nice inside and nice people.

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      It's the annual feast of Saint Anthony of Padua (Sant' Antonio di Padova). Like any others, except that the parish church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel still offers daily mass in Italian. The market is not my favorite place, having worked nearby for 6 years. Mike's is nothing special for a sit down, and the Caffe del Mercato across the market has some simple frittatas that can be nice. Pete's is a fine traditional butcher with great service, and the speciality shop across from it has a wide selection of dried pasta and some nice imported sheep's milk ricotta. Your own lunch suggestion is fine, cept I'm not sure I could handle both burek and an 089 pizza, but enjoy. I like the simple margherita or the escarole pizza. Their eggplant parmigiana appetizer can be lovely, as is their pastiera for dessert.Tino's up the street (bet 186-187) has a nice tavola calda for lunch.Borgatti's regular cheese ravioli have to be one the greatest bargains of our time. Mt Carmel Wines on 187St has a broad selection, strong in grappa and digestivi. Buon soggiorno.

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        Mille grazie! We will skip the indoor market unless we have extra time on our hands--unlikely! Thanks again!

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          Ditto on 089 and the eggplant app - we like their Riccardo pizza, with butternut squash puree, pancetta, and smoked mozz; they also make a great calzone. Can't go wrong with Casa or Tino's; if you haven't been to Calabria pork store, it's worth a stop, too.

          Pick up some burek and take it home; i reheat in an oven (NOT a microwave) at about 400 for 10 minutes, which crisps it up really nicely - it makes a great breakfast, as does toasted provolone bread from Madonia's bakery on Arthur (like the lard bread at Addeo's, too).

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            I have tried all of the pizzas at zero otto nove and they are all excellent. also really like the ragu and the pork chops with vinegar peppers.

    2. I just want to thank everyone who was so helpful here. I just returned from a most enjoyable afternoon wandering around the area. We ended up having lunch at Roberto's, because my friend from California had never been there and had heard such good reports. Just a few tables filled when we walked in at 2pm. What a difference from the usual evening crush!

      We shared my favorite appetizer of grilled, smoked scamorza--served with grilled red peppers, terrific black olives, and sauteed spinach. Fabulous contrast of flavors and textures.

      My friend enjoyed the signature pasta en cartuccio; today this (long, thick, hollow pasta) was sauced with cherry tomatoes and porcini with mozzarella. If you have never tried these pastas, which come in aluminum foil which is cut open by the waiter, you should consider the day's special cartuccio next time.

      I had the soft shell crab (another blackboard special) for a main--nice white wine sauce; served with spinach.

      We visited many of thee "big name" shops and were impressed by the general friendliness and willingness to answer questions posed by two curious outsiders. Big purchases at Borgatti and at Caladra, where we tasted, and purchased, a sheep's milk cheese washed with crushed red Calabrian
      peppers, as well as house-made ricotta.

      Calabria Pork Store was out of the flat sopressata; they will have more within 2 weeks.

      I noticed that the Tino's prices for many staples (dried pasta, canned Italian tuna, Calabrian peppers) were a few dollars more than at other places.

      Lard bread at Addeo; biscotti and 7-grain bread at Madonia rounded out the purchases on this quick trip. (The 7-grain may not be the first thing that comes to mind in a bakery like this but we just demolished most of the loaf, and it is very, very good!)

      I hope to return soon, because with about 3 hours we barely scratched the surface of this food wonderland.