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Grilled Peaches

I know it really isn't really peach season, but my stepdaughter is coming back from studying abroad and has requested (among a lot of other things!) grilled peaches. In the past I've just thrown them on the grill brushed with some oil. But now I'm wondering if you have any suggestions to give it more flavor. We will be serving them with grilled chicken and steak. Thank you!

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  1. About a half hour before you plan to grill the peaches let them marinade in:

    (enough marinade for 6 peaches pitted and sliced in half)

    1/2 cup of pineapple juice
    1/4 cup of coke
    3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil

    1. Greetings Daisy,
      Peaches are just coming in on the Ridge here is South Miss. & we love to grill them. I slice them in half, paint their faces with butter, then dip them into balsamic vinegar, then dip them into a plate of brown sugar. Place on grill while meat rests for a few minutes & serve with a mint leaf from the garden on top. We love ours with thick cut, pork, rib chops. I don't suppose vanilla ice cream gets many complaints if used as dessert?

      1. I'd replace the oil with unsalted butter. Other than that, you've got it down solid. If you start adding a bunch of stuff to the peaches you'll end up with a flavored peach that's accompanied by grilled chicken or steak instead of a grilled chicken or steak accompanies by peaches.

        1. For a quick and delicious dessert, drizzle sauce made by melting butter with dark brown sugar, a generous dash of ground cardamom, and a little vanilla over grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream.

          1. cut in half and take the pit out.
            fill the hole with your favorite blue cheese, helps if cheese is cold
            wrap in prosciutto. use toothpicks if needed.

            Grill until prosciutto is crunchy, should take about 6 mins total.

            SOOO yummy

            1. I've grilled peaches, nectarines and pineapple after marinating them in a rum based syrup (good dark rum, brown sugar, vanilla bean scraping, maybe some cinnamon, maybe a star anise). YUM. If you're really trying to ruin your blood sugar, you can take the leftover marinade, reduce it, and turn it into a sort of caramel syrup with some cream & butter. Fabulous.

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                Thank you everyone for these great ideas. I'm looking forward to trying each one out all summer long. I can't wait for the first great peach of the season!

              2. I put a small scoop of homemade orange or grapefruit marmalade in the seed pocket on my grilled peaches. Definately butter or oil and dip the cut faces in brown sugar before taking them to the grill.

                1. Make marinade: honey (sometimes I use imported rosemary honey), lemon zest, vanilla bean and a little light brown sugar ; watch the sweetness with the honey.

                  Half an hour before, half them (skin on). and toss in marinade. Grill with skin side down first, putting marinade in cavity. Serve over great quality vanilla ice cream, or as a side dish with grilled pork or fish.

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                  1. http://www.thehungryhousewife.blogspo...

                    Ok, DaisyM-this recipe for grilled peaches is to die for!

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                      "EAT PEACH....LICK PLATE" indeed! My kinda recipe, HillJ. Quite honestly, this entire thread is making me hungry. Must try grilling peaches!

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                        The only problem....the dinner is Wednesday night and peaches are hard as a rock and without flavor here in Philadelphia. I've tried Whole Foods, my local (expensive) green grocer...not good. So do I substitute pineapple?

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                          Place peaches in a brown bag overnight on the counter to help ripen.
                          Another trick that sometimes works is to bury the fruit in a bowl of all purpose flour to help soften.

                          You could substitute nectarines or plums. I love pineapple on the grill too tho.

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                            Thank you! I'm going to buy some today and see if they are "ready" on Wednesday.

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                              another thought is pears! Last month I enjoyed a grilled pear & apple salad in Manayunk PA and the pears were especially good with the blue cheese crumble and honey drizzle.

                              Good luck!

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                                You're killin' me! I'm more inspired to grill fruit than meat right now. BTW, I posted you a special "thank you" over on site talk. Thank you kindly for all your tips and recipes (and for remembering I'm a fellow s.c.m. fan). ;) I have shared your Vietnamese coffee pop recipe several times here on Home Cooking.

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                                  Why thank you kattyeyes, I have never been so humbled here on CH.
                                  Keep on sharing those tips of yours! We'll never go chow-less.

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                          kattyeyes, hungry housewife is a fun read. Enjoy!

                      2. we grilled peaches this weekend and i must say that i love them plain grilled. i put them on the grill with portobellos, asparagus, pineapple, eggplant and chicken. and while everything else but the pineapple was marinated, i think that the sugars in the fruit make them stand on their own. oh! we also tried avocado as per another thread on ch, but it wasn't as great as i was hoping.
                        all that being said, the blue cheese and proscuitto wrapped peaches sounded delish!

                        1. Grill it with sage or rosemary. Aromatics with the grilled peach make for a great expereince.

                          1. I find that brushing with olive oil is sufficient, and the peaches are sweet and tangy w/o adding anything. I'm with raygunclan, here.

                            1. As a dessert I would halve and core the peaches brush them lightly w/ evoo grill them and then serve them w/ generous dollops of italian mascarpone cheese and drizzle with amaretto. easy and amazing!

                              1. I do this in the oven or the grill, halve peaches and put a spoonful of almond paste in the cavity, then brush with a little melted butter and heat or grill. When done, pour cream on the top. Very easy and very good.

                                1. I like to halve, brush lightly with butter (or even spray with Pam if I'm feeling extra lazy), and grill. Then sprinkle with ginger and cinnamon, maybe a touch of brown sugar if they weren't quite ripe. Serve plain or with whipped or ice cream.

                                  Someone suggested sage and rosemary below; I prefer sprinkling with thyme and a splash of riesling or moscato as another alternative.

                                  1. Got this recipe from a magazine several years ago but don't remember which one so can't give them credit. Brush both sides of peach with olive oil and lightly salt & pepper. Grill on hot grill couple of minutes on each side, until grill marks appear. Cut thin slivers of pecorino romano and put cheese directly on peach (cut side) when you take off grill. Then layer on a slice or two of proscuitto. The heat from the peach will melt the cheese. Serve as a first course with a nice white Burgundy.