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Jun 10, 2009 03:30 PM

Grilled Peaches

I know it really isn't really peach season, but my stepdaughter is coming back from studying abroad and has requested (among a lot of other things!) grilled peaches. In the past I've just thrown them on the grill brushed with some oil. But now I'm wondering if you have any suggestions to give it more flavor. We will be serving them with grilled chicken and steak. Thank you!

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  1. About a half hour before you plan to grill the peaches let them marinade in:

    (enough marinade for 6 peaches pitted and sliced in half)

    1/2 cup of pineapple juice
    1/4 cup of coke
    3 tablespoons of grapeseed oil

    1. Greetings Daisy,
      Peaches are just coming in on the Ridge here is South Miss. & we love to grill them. I slice them in half, paint their faces with butter, then dip them into balsamic vinegar, then dip them into a plate of brown sugar. Place on grill while meat rests for a few minutes & serve with a mint leaf from the garden on top. We love ours with thick cut, pork, rib chops. I don't suppose vanilla ice cream gets many complaints if used as dessert?

      1. I'd replace the oil with unsalted butter. Other than that, you've got it down solid. If you start adding a bunch of stuff to the peaches you'll end up with a flavored peach that's accompanied by grilled chicken or steak instead of a grilled chicken or steak accompanies by peaches.

        1. For a quick and delicious dessert, drizzle sauce made by melting butter with dark brown sugar, a generous dash of ground cardamom, and a little vanilla over grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream.

          1. cut in half and take the pit out.
            fill the hole with your favorite blue cheese, helps if cheese is cold
            wrap in prosciutto. use toothpicks if needed.

            Grill until prosciutto is crunchy, should take about 6 mins total.

            SOOO yummy