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Jun 10, 2009 03:30 PM

Recommendations for Bordeaux

Looking for some recommendations for a 3 day trip next week. I like simple, bistro-style food, good but not fancy. A few questions:

-Surprised by the prices at La Tupina. Is it truly spectacular? Has anyone tried the wine bar or the table d'hote at the grocery.
-I like the sound of the following places. Any experience of them?
Bouchon Bordelais
Le Petit Commerce
Le Mably
La Vieux Bordeaux
-Could one make lunch from oysters or other food at the Marche Grand Hommes or the Marche Capucins?


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  1. I find La Tupina to be a bit hit/miss... some of the stuff is good but not everything. It does seem to be packing them in, though...

    1. I went to La Tupina last year. They had a scrumptious lamb shank on the lunch menu. I plan to go back next month. Also had a very nice dinner at Le Mably (which is closed on Mondays). For higher class dining, Le Chapon Fin had a great lunch - atmosphere is a little strange (like a Disney Rock Cave).My ususal routine is go to the better places for lunch - usually much more reasonable.