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Where can I find pork shoulder with the skin ON in OC?

I've called the El Toro meat market and they cannot get this and the butcher there thinks it will be almost impossible to find. :( I want to make a Puerto Rican pork shoulder with the skin on but I can't find it anywhere! Any suggestions within OC? Preferrably South OC but will travel if needed!


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  1. I'm not familiar with OC stores but I know in SGV almost all Asian supermarkets would have it. So if you are close to a 99 Ranch, check it out.

    1. Farmer John pork shoulder complete with skin is nearly always available at Orange County Stater Brothers, and sometimes Ralph's.

      At SB it often goes on sale for 99 cents/lb. as well.

      1. Have you tried Ranch House Meats in RSM??

        Otherwise there are two 99 Ranch Markets in Irvine (on @ Jeffrey & Walnut, the other on Culver @ Barranca). I'd also call the Persian markets in the area: Mission Ranch Market (one on Los Alisos bet. Trabuco & Jeronimo; a newer one on Marguerite @ Trabuco) + International Market (across form the Home Depot, off Marguerite, No. of Saddleback College) + Jordan Market (Alicia & Hon; just off the 5 Fwy.)

        Good luck and post back. I'm up for one as well.

        Ranch House Meats
        30092 Santa Margarita Pky, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

        1. Pork shoulder with skin on at Smart and Final. Google for location in OC.

          1. Thanks for the advice everyone! I have tried 99 Ranch and they said they do not carry that (or will order it) but I will stop by Smart and Final, Stater Bros, and Ralphs but I don't ever remember seeing it at Stater Bros or Ralphs as I shop at both stores often. Maybe it's my South OC location that's the problem? lol

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              I've bought skin-on shoulder at the SB on El Toro Road in Lake Forest as well at the one on Redhill in Tustin.

              Could be they only have in quantity when on sale, I suppose.

              Hope you find it!

            2. If you are still needing it, I seem to remember getting pork shoulder with the skin on at one of the Vietnamese markets in Westminster, A Chau on Edinger and Magnolia. Granted, I've not been there since moving to LA about a year ago, so you may want to check with them before doing the drive.

              1. Saw skin-on shoulder the other day at El Toro Road Stater Brothers, $1.39/lb. I think, not the sale price but cheap enough.

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                  Yes! I meant to come back and say thank you soooo much. I called ahead to that Stater Bro's and got a big 10 pounder to cook for fatherĀ“s day pernil. :)

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                    Good news! I was there for butt shoulder roast for carnitas, but noticed the skin-on shoulder was in stock as well. So glad it worked out.

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                      Glad you found it. I saw it at H-Mart in Diamond Jamboree in Irvine this weekend (where I was definitely not buying anything as desperately unhealthy as skin-on pork belly with a load of absolutely delicious-looking fat, which definitely was not on sale for a mind-bending $1.79 a pound, nope, not even a little bit).

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                        Hee I DID succumb to pork belly, curing as we speak in preparation for David Chang's steamed pork buns, but then it was just $1.49/lb. at 99 Ranch.