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Jun 10, 2009 02:48 PM

Dewey's Diner Colonie, NY

Dewey's Diner Colonie, NY

Do you like old style diners with plenty of atmosphere that are as comfortable
as putting on your favortie old shoes? I love these old places, it is like
going into a time warp.

Imagine walking into an authentic diner from 1940 and everything is there.
You are greeted warmly like an old friend, the meneu is posted over the grill
and you take your choice of seating, counter stools or old style table booths.
With either choice you are soon presented with the Times Union, the local
newspaper. Coffee is offered and arrives right away as well as endless free
refills. You give your order from the menue board and settle in expecting Bogey
and Bacall to walk in at any moment. It is that kind of place.

If you are me you order the breakfast special. Three eggs, coffee, a huge
serving of real home fries made from scratch and done to order, a generous
serving of sausage and your choice of toast. This will cost you slightly under

If you are a fan of fast food you will not get it here unless you call in your
order in advance as some locals do. Real cooking takes time which may be the
reason for the newspaper, but I have never had a problem with that. I have
waited longer for junk food with no ammenities provided.

This is truly an old fashioned diner doing everything right complete with
friendly folk, great atmosphere and fantasiic food with prices hard to beat.

One word of warning though...Dewey's has limited hours and are open only from
7 AM to 2 PM weekdays. After Labor Day they are open Saturdays as well.

Dewey's Diner
51 Fuller Road
Colonie, NY.

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  1. Thank you for writing this up. I couldn't agree more.

    Dewey's Diner is one of my favorite things about living in Albany. There are just not that many places like it left across the country. Whenever people come in from out of town, I try to bring them by here.

    Miss Albany Diner is far more popular. It's a prettier building. They have inventive dishes. But Dewey's is a diner. Truly a diner. Not some gussied up version of one. It's the real McCoy.

    I just wish they served oatmeal through the summer.