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Wild Edibles - What to Order

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Going to the restaurant at Wild Edibles tonight. What are the best dishes? No price limit. Thanks!

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  1. What did you end up ordering? I've heard they make a great lobster roll.


    1. For those of you who do the Seamless Web thing for work, their lobster roll is pretty tasty (certainly not as good as Pearl, but very good) and delivers surprisingly well. Fries get a bit cold.

      1. It's a great healthy option in the neighborhood. They do all kinds of fish prepared with your choice of seasoning with salad on the side. Their clam chowder is great too, with fresh whole clams tossed in. Their oysters too. The staff is knowledgeable and they have an interesting beer selection.

        1. The lobster roll is the best thing I've had there. My gf also likes the tuna burger and fish and chips.

          1. Been there twice over the last 30 days, once for lunch and the other for dinner, and have been happy to discover this good neighborhood gem.

            If you want some simply prepared fresh, very fesh, fish dishes, then this is a good place for them. The fresh fish served to your preference is so worth going for. The fish in the fish-n-chips is good and fresh, but can't say the same about the fries. They have a good variety of fresh oysters ...we've not been disappointed.

            More than decent beer offerings and sufficently OK, and not atrociously-priced, wine list.

            We're looking forward to gong back.

            1. As a few people have mentioned the sides, I think the best side I've had there is asking them to replace the steamed vegetables or fries with asparagus tempura. The fries aren't something to write home about, but can be alright sometimes too, and I'd often rather have decent fries with lobster roll/fish and chips than a different side. The steamed vegetables have not ever been good when I've had them, with the asparagus being a bit better than the broccoli. Really like this place though as a neighborhood spot, especially the lobster roll when its on.

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                After reading this thread and a few others praising the lobster roll, I decided to try it. It is not a lobster roll. It is lobster salad on a brioche style flat bun. It has celery and lots of mayo. It was fine for lobster salad on brioche but pretty disappointing since I thought I was ordering a lobster roll.

                I will certainly try the fish at some point but since I am stuck at work and had to order takeout I figured a lobster roll would be a safer choice...guess I'll have to rethink that one.

                Anyway, just didn't want anyone else to be deceived into think they were going to be getting a real lobster roll (i.e., big pieces of moist lobster requiring little mayo or butter on a toasted half split bun).