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Jun 10, 2009 02:35 PM

Group dining for 150 people?


I'm looking for a place to take a super large party, 150 people. Preferably a fun place. I think the budget should be under $100, including wine and drinks. I guess for that size, I'm not expecting super high quality food, but it would not hurt. Also, we'll be busing these people from USC to LAX, so somewhere in between or on the west side would help. I'm at loss with coming up with a place, any recommendations?


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  1. For Clarification Purposes ~ I am guessing you really meant $100 "PER PERSON" including Wine and Drinks and including Tax & Tip. ? . ?

    In other words - your budget is a maximum of $15,000; which includes absolutely every possible extra charge there is.

    BTW - Are your guests from any one particular part of the planet or from all over ?

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      Yes, it's per head. It's a ballpark figure though, not a hard ceiling. And guests are from all over the world, I'm organizing some meeting and we have about that budget to thank them for coming.

    2. i believe that i cugini could accommodate you in every way. my guess is that you will probably need to book the entire restaurant.

      1. Try Boho in Hollywood. The place is kitschy and fun and the food is amazing. I think you probably need to book the entire restaurant as well. Everytime I've been there, they always have some really big parties so they look like they are set up for that. And oh yeah, they have some amazing beers on tap if that matters.

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          be aware that going to hollywood will add over an hour of bus time (round trip).

        2. Try Maggiano's Little Italy at the Farmer's Market / Grove. They have a huge, beautiful patio and great banquet facilities, the food is good and the prices are very reasonable.

          1. Here are some other recommendations I received:
            - Gardens on Glendon (westwood)
            - Shanghai Red (marina del rey)
            - La Bodeguita de Pico (mid-wilshire)

            Any idea how these would compare against, say, BoHo or I Cugini? I understand the food is all over the place, but I mean in terms of value, atmosphere, staff friendliness, etc.?

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              - Gardens on Glendon - Lovely atmospheric restaurant that survies by that pretty much alone, food can be very disappointing, but yes, it does have a "few" items that are good. For 150 people I would definetly STAY AWAY. Expensive for what you get, or fails on Value. It's been recently put up for sale IF that's what a "listage" posting on means ?

              - Shanghai Reds - Great view, lously food. STAY AWAY.

              - La Bodeguita de Pico (mid-wilshire) - Don't know.

              BTW, what day of the week and how soon do you need to make the reservation/commitment ?

              I made the above comments with the view that the quality of the food was more important than a fun place. At $100 a head you have a large enough budget for that.

              1. re: JBC

                It's going to be a Saturday in November. Thanks for the feedback, this is very useful!

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                  i concur with JBC about shanghai reds. their food is truly awful.