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Jun 10, 2009 02:24 PM

Frostburg, MD - should I change my plans ?!

Hey all

I posted yesterday about Cumberland. The response has been, er, rather slow.

It has been suggested that Frostburg may be a better chow bet for one night midweek - just looking for a few beers and half decent bar food ( or whatever else is going ) en route from Baltimore to Falling Water for an early start the next morning

Any help or recs you can give would be very welcome !


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  1. My favorite place in Frostburg is Giuseppe's Italian restaurant at 11 Bowery Street. There's a bar and also table seating. The food is excellent, the simple foods like salads and pizza as well as more formal meals. I have been extremely pleased with everything I've eaten here. The prices are quite reasonable, especially for food of this high quality. Another good restaurant, which is next door to Giuseppe's, is El Canelo, a Mexican place. El Canelo is very casual and the food is pretty good, the standard Mexican stuff,