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Jun 10, 2009 02:11 PM

Help! Need food for funeral

I need to quickly help my cousins with their catering needs for the meal after funeral services this Friday, 6-12-09. The church is in El Cajon/La Mesa area and they would like to buy trays of enchiladas, rice and beans for about 120 people. Any suggestions on who can do it with this short a notice and at a reasonable cost?

I'm counting on my fellow 'hounds to help a girl out! Thanks!!

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  1. They get no love on this board but El Indio on Washington can easily handle it at a good price.

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      Or seeing Bandini below made me think of Casa de Pico in Grossmont. Here is their catering menu

    2. The church members have had to have done this before and will know the best local and least expensive spots.

      Or they do potluck.

      1. try El Cuervo on Washington Ave. I don't think they deliver, but they should be able to do it on the cheap.

        1. Super Cocina is a big caterer - even having served Leo Di Caprio :^)

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            I 2nd Super Cocina. It's really not that far from La Mesa and by far the best option.

            When was DiCaprio in there?

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              I'm having Super Cocina cater a party for me in March and they told me enchiladas aren't the best thing to have catered, because they get soggy. Having said that, their enchiladas might be the best even when soggy, and their prices are very reasonable.

            2. I agree with Cathy - the church would probably know the best places to hit up in the area. That said, we did a going-away party on the fly for a coworker once, and got Sombrero's to do the trays of enchiladas, rice, beans, etc. with one day's notice. Yes, it's a chain, and, no, they aren't my first choice for Mexican food, but there are locations in La Mesa/El Cajon. If you can work with Super Cocina, and don't mind traveling a little further west to get your trays, that would be the best as far as food quality.