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Jun 10, 2009 01:56 PM

Barefoot Contessa choc/sea salt cake w/caramel?

I read a reference to this cake in a magazine interview with Giada De Laurentiis. I looked on the Food Network website but could find no reference to it.

Does anyone know if this recipe is in one of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks? If so, which one? (I'd camp out at Barnes & Noble and read indices, but don't have that much time . . .)

Thanks for any info.


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  1. Although I don't know the answer to your question, I can tell you that the September 2008 issue of bon appetit has a recipe for chocolate cake with fleur de sel caramel filling. Although it's on my to do list, I haven't made it. As far as Ina goes, Amazon sometimes has tables of contents available for perusal. Don't hold me to this, but maybe check the newer ones first - I've checked most of the older ones out of the library and don't recall seeing this recipe.

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      Oooh. I made these. They were really good. I think I would make them smaller next time, though. They're so rich that the given portions were really hard to finish. I made the caramel ones and the rasberry ones, both really wonderful.

    2. I think I've seen almost all of her shows and this doesn't ring a bell. Here's an index of her recipes and I don't see anything that sounds like it there either:

      1. There is a cake called "The Sweet & Salty Cake" in the cookbook "Baked" [excellent book by the way]. It is by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. One of them was a guest on Martha recently. It has a salted caramel icing with chocolate cake layers. Everything I have made from this book has been delicious. I can only imagine this would be as well.
        I did see the Contessa make salted caramels on an episode a few weeks ago. They looked delightful.

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          Thanks for all of the info and ideas. Now if it ever cools off I'll start baking again!

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            Did you find the recipe? It sounds as though you may have already made it. It's a fabulous recipe. If you need a link to it, here you go:

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              No, I haven't made it. I'll follow your link. Thanks!

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                If you try it, let us know how it goes!

        2. Barefoot Contessa's Website has an index of (what I think are) all her books, here:

          1. That recipe doesn't sound familiar to me (w/regard to her) either. I did use her chocolate cake recipe (in several of her cookbooks, with various names) with the salted caramel frosting recipe I found here at CH, and it was great.