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Jun 10, 2009 01:34 PM

6 Meals in Seattle for 1st-Timer

Have business in SEA. Arrive on Sunday afternoon and am around until Tues late morning. Staying near Pike Place with no car. Need specifics on where to eat (not fancy), culminating with what to take on the train for lunch on way to PDX. Am by myself, so please tell me if any places are in questionable areas, etc. Would like to have Asian. Where? Maybe carnitas @ El Puerco Lloron? Daily Dozen? Also, any SEA-only food shops? Thanks!

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  1. Uwajimaya in the International District has a food mall with good Asian food. Since you are staying by Pike's Market, there are dozens of eateries you can walk to and choose from. No problem being alone. Enjoy!

    1. Pike Place is the best place to be with no car, you can eat many more than 6 unique meals there, but the whole of the downtown core has free bus service (take the bus tunnel from Macy's to Chinatown).
      Personal favorites at the Pike Place market are El Puerco Lloron (ask for a dozen fresh tortillas), Pike Place Chowder (seared scallop), Jack's Fish Spot (Cioppino, crab cocktail, oysters), Mee Sum (BBQ pork Hum Bao), Uli's Famous Sausages (all good, but I like the spicy ones - get them to grill one up for you and get fries with that), Daily Dozen for a sack of cheap donuts.
      Maximilien for mussels and a view upstairs, get a beer at the Athenian .
      The Amtrack is right at Chinatown, so take the bus tunnel there and stop at Salumi, at 2nd & Jackson, to get train food (they open at 11:00. You can call ahead, even - I'd get a prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich [great meataball is messy], or maybe a cold meat plate, or maybe both).
      Asian is definitely Chinatown (Green Leaf, Leongrass, Mike's Noodle House, Szechuan Nooodle Bowl, Szechuan Cuisine, oh heck, there are too many).
      The Market is a whole collection of Seattle Only food shops,as they allow no chain stores (Starbuck's # 1 is grandfathered in).

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        You missed Three Girls, Piroshki Piroshki, New York Deli, and the doughnuts.

        I would say either take a reuben from either three girls or New York on the train, a Merguez on a bun from uli's, or a gyro form the little Gyro shop on second near the train station. It's in a little mission style building a block and a half northwest from the King street station.

        Puerco Lloron, last time I was there had a Bistec de Pollo dish that was fricken insane. Marinated Grilled Chicken that was as good as I have ever had anywhere.

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          You are so right. I know I missed way more than 6 meals in that huge place. Thank you for the word on that Pollo!