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Jun 10, 2009 01:27 PM

Quick question about Taqueria El Charrito Caminante

I'm saying goodbye to a crack team of kitchen remodelers (not only capable but very patient with me) - they're all from somewhere South of the border, and I promised them lunch on their last day.

The contractor (also latino) says that tacos de cabrito would be fine, but I grabbed a takeaway menu from Taqueria El Charro Caminante and I think I'll expand the options. Haven't eaten there for some years - can anyone suggest what's best (really spectacular) there these days?

Also, I hate the grated radish on the tacos - would my crew (as above) miss it if it wasn't there? (I'm looking up the Spanish for "please leave that goshawful radish off")

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  1. I really like the goat tacos myself... but remember to put sauce on while you are there or get some to go...

    1. Jose speaks great English, and the whole family is willing to modify, so just ask if you don't want radishes. Can you get yours w/o radish and the contractors with?

      For most caucasian tastes, the chicken is the weak spot - since it's boiled. Jose told me some years ago that the Lengua is most popular, followed by beef. The pork is good, and the beef is good but for this gringo, the chorizo is THE BOMB.

      1. I always just pick the radish off.

        1. Why would you deny your contractors the radish? Did they do something wrong?