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Jade garden opens in Chinatown

The new restaurant where Big Fish used to be was open today. I got a paper menu and it looks like a standard cantonese seafood with a couple of differences of note.

1. 1/2 peking duck is available for $19, maybe a nice option if you don't have a crowd.

2. Beef tail (oxtail) with red wine

3. traditional mutton hot pot

4.Some fuzhou influence e.g. fuchow fried rice xiamen rice noodles, dried scallop dishes

5. Curiously lunch specials have the options of french fries and japanese salad

I'll try it in the next few days

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  1. Oh man can you get a rice plate except instead of rice it has a bed of fries? Or maybe you could go all portugal and have both rice and fries.

    1. WHere was/is this place located?

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        Big Fish was at 20 Tyler St in CTown. If you're a long time Bostonian, you might recall it as Bob Lee's Islander..up a few steps from street level

      2. It was Bob Lee's Islander and before Big Fish it was Golden Palace for many years. I tried the Beef Tail with Red Wine rice plate ($7.50). It is indeed a braised oxtail with a sauce that seems to have such french influence (mire poix and red wine) but also soy sauce served on rice with stir fried onions . It's a nice dish but could have used a little more sauce. It's a little different than the usual fare in a good way. For the pricre ($1-2 more than other rice plates), the serving could have been more generous. I asked the manager if it was a fuzhou restaurant. It mostly cantonese with a smattering of fuzhou, and other regional cuisines.

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          Golden Palace!!! Now you're talking. I lived here in the early 1990s and have been there many times for dim sum. So I guess the place is pretty huge then?

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            Golden Palace got divided up between Shabu Zen and Big Fish. It was the best place for dim sum in the 90s and they had a dish called shrimp with fried cream (egg white really) that was amazing and haven't seen it since in Boston (available in NYC).

        2. Do you know what time it opens for lunch?

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            According to their menu, 11AM-2Am 7 days a week. Yikes!

          2. Jade Garden was reviewed today by Mat Schaffer in the Herald: he really liked it, gave it a B:


            I didn't realize that a lot of former Peach Farm folks were involved, and that the menu is similar. I love it when tall-podium critics write about places in Chinatown!


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                Sorry I missed this nearly year-old question, StriperGuy. That's a term I coined for the mainstream print-media professional critics. In Boston, that would be First, Schaffer, Nadeau, and Kummer. Everyone's a critic nowadays, but some have a more visible perch to opine from than others.


              2. Two of us stopped by this past Saturday at noon. What we ordered: Salt & pepper ligthtly batter-fried squid w/sliced jalapena's, fried garlic...it was a generous platter that we ate maybe 1/3 of. For an entree, we ordered the oysters w/scallions & ginger. Very large, plump oysters w/sliced onions & scallions in a deep soy-based brown sauce. Didn't taste the ginger at all & wondered if they served us the wrong dish(waitstaff, clearly, limited in English). I thought the oysters were wonderful. Finally, we ordered the eggplant & ?dried fish hotpot that came out bubbling & also included pork strips, ginger, and I'm not sure all what else, but was a nice, comforting dish for a rainy day. Didn't taste the fish here at all. None of our selections were spicy enough for us, so I asked for chilli paste, which came in a pool of oil and did definitely perked up each dish. I'd say we only got through not more than half of any of the dishes, as there was so much food. Do check your bill against printed menu prices, as we were overcharged a bit on the oyster dish. I would try JG, again, but with more people to share more dishes.