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Jun 10, 2009 12:43 PM

romantic dinner in d.c.?

Looking for a place with great atmosphere but also great food. Any kind of cuisine. Nothing touristy or loud. Any suggestions?

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  1. I think a discussion of "romantic" restaurants took place on this board a few months ago. If you have a moment to search you can probably find the link. Everyone's notion of what is romantic is different. Having said that, I'll throw out a few suggestions. The patio at Tabard Inn is lovely in nice weather. A booth at Bombay Club is wonderful if you like Indian. The rooftop at Straits of Malaya is quite romantic. Drinks at a booth in the Gibson can start or end your evening on a romantic note.

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      Great suggestiions! Thanks! Someone also suggested Nora's (Florida and R) and Neyla's in Georgetown. 'Know anything about either of them?

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        Neyla has a very nice atmosphere - can be loud so I wouldn't call it romantic. Food is average at best.

      1. I think the idea of what qualifies as romantic is open for discussion, but in my mind a romantic restaurant isn't cheesy but is instead intimate, chic, and as you mentioned, not overly loud.

        I've had some delicious, intimate, and romantic meals with my boyfriend at Zola, PS7 (the restaurant itself, not the lounge), Bistro D'Oc (try to get the front table in front of the window), Tabard Inn (if the weather is nice make a special request for a table in their charming courtyard), the back room of Palena.

        1. I really like Marcel's in Foggy Bottom.

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