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Jun 10, 2009 12:35 PM

Bacon salt, Calgary? Canada?

Just looking for some of the products on this page! Probably tastes mmm on salad and popcorn and potatoes! Well they all sound good! I know I can order online but it's better to not have to pay shipping...

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  1. Went to the website that you posted.. under the Buy section, you can search by province in Canada.. I searched for Alberta.. and they listed two locations. Too bad neither are in Calgary.. but in case you happen to be heading up to Red Deer or Edmonton.. you might have some luck at these places they listed.

    Butcher Block and Smoke House
    228-390 Baseline Road
    Sherwood Park, AB. T8H 1X1 CA
    Telephone: (780) 467-7677

    Sugar-Free and More
    3434A 50th Avenue
    Red Deer, AB. T4N 3Y4 CA
    Telephone: (403) 347-1277

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