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Jun 10, 2009 11:50 AM

Ross Bread in Ridgefield, CT

Stopped into Ross Bread in Ridgefield for the first time today. YUM!

I purchased a loaf of their honey wheat bread and a loaf of the caraway rye, and sampled both when I got home. The honey wheat is delightful: soft, chewy, delicious. The rye has a coarser texture and a distinct (positive) taste with a crunchy rye crust.

I also bought two pieces of focaccia: one w/ sundried tomato and black olives the other with sliced potato and rosemary on top. Both were great.

Prices were reasonable for homemade breads ($5 for one loaf, $4.50 for the other, $1.75 for the focaccia) but not something I'll buy every week. Baguettes looked great and at $3.00 apiece might be a more regular purchase (although I'm not sure I can get in and out without buying something else. Can't wait to go back and try the challah, which I saw on their website but not in the store today (maybe Friday only?).

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  1. I know they always have the challah at the farmers market on Fridays, it's great.. Have you had the french toast at The Cutting Board? They use Ross''s SO good.

    I've been in twice so far. We've had the olive bread...delicious and two loaves right out of the oven...the sweet life (I think that's the name) and the cheese bread...YUM. The kids and I couldn't resist and were eating it in the car. (my car smellled amazing too!) Oh and I've also sampled the chocolate chip scone...heaven! and the chocolate chip cookie (good, but not my favorite style of ch ch cookie, it's crispy).

    SO happy they decided to open in Ridgefield...btwn, Ross', Ridgefield Prime, Ridgefield Organics (I just had baby #3 and they've been playing w/my kids while I shop AND carrying my bags to my nice is that??) and The Cutting Board, I am so happy with that little shopping center. I've heard a rumor that a cheese shop may go in there also.

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      I love Ross' challah and have been buying it at the Ridgefield farmers market. I have to say that I stopped in at their new store, and, although I'm thrilled they're there, the cappuccino wasn't so great (and not hot enough). I also prefer Nature's Temptations to the organic place next door....they have a more variety and more food.

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        Went to Ross Bread again today (sourdough and pain au fromage - both great!) and, yes, there will be a cheese shop going into the corner space. The sign in the window says "109 Cheese Shop" and there were men working busily inside to refurbish the space.

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          I was there on Friday buying bread at Ross', ordering brownies and cookies for a party next week (the brownies are delicious, they don't have them all teh time) and buying my fruits and veggies next door and I peaked into 109...where I saw Monica from Cellar 15 talking to one of the workers. I stuck myhead and asked if it was her shop and she said yes. I'm really excited, I think it's going to be great. I'm so excited about what's going on in that little plaza.

      2. Ross' doesn't serve "lunch" after 3PM...even on a beautiful a down economy.

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        1. i would like to add they have some killer chocolate chip cookies.

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            1. After reading these reviews and having to run up to D'Bury, jfood decided to stop by on the way home. It was a little smaller than jfood expected butthe smells were wonderful as he mosied around taking in all the sights before ordering. It appeared to be a coffee shop that serves bread and pastries than the other way around, just an observation.

              He ordered a chocolate croissant and and blueberry muffin for $6.15, a little pricey.

              His first bite was the croissant. The texture was absolutely perfcect, the chocolate was still warm and wonderfully flavored. The techniques putting this together was flawless with the outer layer crispy and as you worked you way to the interior the differing texture took over. Now jfood has argued for years with his FIL on the oily versus dry nature of croissants and jfood is a buttery-oily preferred eater. So when he thought about the flavor he would have liked more butter in the flaky dough. It is not a black and white affair, but he would have preferred more butter.

              Now onto the blueberry muffin. The blueberries were fantastic, and they should be this time of year. But jfood did not really like the muffin itself. Althoughthe texture was very nice, he thought the dough itself did not do anything for him. It was sorta flavorless and jfood would have like it a little more sweet. Although there was some sugar on top, he would have like a sweeter dough.

              For $6 for these two items, jfood was expecting more. Would he make a special trip to Ross? Probably not but if in the area he would definitely try the bread next time.

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              1. re: jfood

                Glad you stopped by, but so sorry you didn't purchase bread to take with you. While I agree that it "looks" like a coffee shop first and a bakery second, rather than the other way around, I would suggest that in this case looks are deceiving. The breads are clearly the primary purpose/product and the rest is secondary. (Although I suppose I ought to go in and ask Ross rather than randomly decide on his behalf!!!)

                And, yes, the prices are a little steep - which is why I can't buy ALL my bread there...much to my I have to use it for special occasions only.

                1. re: hungrykids

                  if not for the traveling M&M are doingthis week it would have been some bread. Jfood needs to pick up a repair in D'bury Fri/Sat. Maybe then.