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recs for a $25 gift card at williams sonoma?

hello all, I have a $25 gift card for williams sonoma, I know there isn't much there at that price range but i was wonderring if anyone has any suggestions.


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  1. put it towards something you really want and/or need? W-S sells lots of stuff, and this is a pretty broad question. You're likely to get hundreds of different recs. Is there anything in particular you have been wanting for your kitchen?

    1. If you do a lot of soups and stews I would get one of their demi glace reductions in a jar. They are about $30, but last a long time and have good reviews. Come in poultry, veal, and beef. Adds so much to braising, stocks and soups. Maybe redeem more towards the fall.

        1. Microplane graters or silicone spatulas should fall into that price range and both very useful

          1. I always use the GCs for W-S towards something on the more expensive side to lower what I think is an overpriced item (or at least overpriced for me!). I once had a $100 GC that I used towards a DeLonghi convection toaster oven....with the original price of $199.00, I'd never buy it. But at only $99, it became mine. And I'm glad I bought it, as it is a workhorse for me.

            1. I love their table linens, and sometimes they have fun dishes on the clearance table. I find most of their cookware to be overpriced.

              1. Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Goldtouch Half-Sheet Pans. Very heavy duty, won't warp in the oven, great for baking cookies, double batch of brownies, cakes, etc., but also great for roasting meats. I find a regular roasting pan sometimes has sides so high that, for example, a cut up chicken won't brown very well; seems the side of the pans blocks the convection. But a very shallow half sheet pan works great. Just enough depth to contain the juices.

                1. I second the baking sheets if they are something you need. I use the goldtouch loaf pans and the Williams Sonoma Commercial Quality sheets. As sbp says, they do not warp and they are endlessly useful for meat, poultry, roast vegetables as well as pastry and cookies,etc. I also use mine with a cooling rack for drying pasta when I make it and for so many other things. One of those will be well within your 25.00 budget as well.

                  1. I recently treated myself to 2 of the gold half sheet pans -- my metal ones got black smears on them. These gold ones were $30 each but they should last forever and WS guarantees their products. I was almost ready to pay $160 for an All-Clad 12" non stick pan from Amazon and then found it on special at WS, including a lid, for $99.95. (I must have been crazy to consider paying $160!!)

                    1. I have a microplane that I got years ago from WS and I love it. I also recently bought their heavy duty kitchen gloves which I also very much like.

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                        I just read on another thread that the Williams Sonoma semi annual sale begins on June 24th.....