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Jun 10, 2009 11:30 AM

Local omnivores looking for a road trip

I would like to get in a car and go somewhere this Sunday to eat something fantastic and local (within an hour or two driving from DC) -- crabs, bbq, you name it. Ideas?

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  1. Crabs: Captain John's on Cobb Island all the way down Rt.301 or Captain Leonard's out in Mechanicsville.

    BBQ: Dale's Smokehouse down Rt. 210 at Indian Head or T&J's BBQ on Rt. 225 between Rts. 210 and 301. There's also Johnny Boy's right on Rt. 301 near La Plata, but I think both Dale's and T&J's are a notch or two better for ribs.

    If you really want to make a day of it, hit both Captain John's and Dale's Smokehouse on the same trip. They're about a 30-minute ride apart.

    Maryland has great BBQ joints and seafood waiting for road trippers.

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      Search seems broken for the past hour at least, but I have a post from some years back with my user name and "crabcake competition" in it. This talks about a few places down Rt 5 and around Pax NAS. Clarke's Landing being one, and to bring a cooler and stop at Thompson's Seafood Corner. This is a day trip I've been wanting to make again for a couple of years.

      There was a BBQ joint down that way at that time - Roys? - Not sure if it's still there. CD Cafe would be another good option I'd rec. If you're using Omnivores in your title, I bet you'd love this place.

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        I like to get crabs at Pope's Creek, which is within sight of the 301 bridge. North on 301 from the Pope's Creek turn-off is Johnny Boy's. Hit 'em both for a great surf and turf combination.

      2. You can't get more local than this: drive to Pioneer Pit Beef in Baltimore for a pit beef sandwich. It's a shack under the highway just west of Baltimore. Avoid the other sandwiches they offer, not because they are bad, but because you might want a second pit beef sandwich.

        Then go to Bill's Terrace Inn for crabs. But make sure you get there at 4pm when they open or you might have a long wait in front of you. Pure Baltimore.

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          Though if you're up near Pioneer a visit to Chick n' Trout might be in order too. Where else but B'More is there "Lake Trout"?

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            Pioneer is a great place, but I'm pretty sure they're CLOSED on Sundays.

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              Thanks for the info. Life is cruel, eh? Then I can recommend hitting Grace Garden (not too far off the BW Parkway) before heading up to Bill's. Get the fish noodles, the pork belly in rice powder, and call in advance to order one of their special dishes. The special wontons in soup would make it an over-the-top meal.

            2. If you want decide you're not in the mood for crabs or BBQ, I'd recommend Stone Soup Bistro in Shepherdstown. It's a gorgeous town with some cute shops, you can visit Harper's Ferry if you're interested, and the restaurant is absolutely wonderful. We do it once a year and have amazing meals. I recommend sitting at the bar for dinner, because the bartender is usually the co-owner (with the chef) and he's wonderful to talk to.

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                Big thumbs up for SSB and Shepherdstown. We biked to Shepherdstown from DC on the C&O path last year and the food was excellent. Another possibility (also along the C&O, but you have to cross at Whites Ferry) is Leesburg with several good places to eat.