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Jun 10, 2009 11:11 AM

Yo Quiero...

First of all, I want to preface this message by saying I wish doom to the corpotocracy dumphole Pepsi/Pizza Hut/KFC/Taco Bell/Tricon scum freighter, which brings us toxic goo, pollutes our planet and makes our kids fatter than any other rugrats on the planet.

Onto our review...

I was pressed for time last week in between meetings, and had to grab something quickly. The vending machine wouldn't cut it, and I obviously didn't have time to go home, so went through the first drive thru I could find.

Yo Quiero. But, I didn't have cash, so I had to go inside. It was an absolute din. The cashiers were yelling at the top of their lungs for the teenagers with heavy eye lids and slow reaction times to pick up their orders. There was some kid's party off in the corner making a horrible racket. And in the prep area, it was a cacophony of clanging metal, piercing electric beeps and staccato bursts of Spanglish exchanged between employees.

I wanted to order one item only expecting a greasepit in a tortilla. Fortunately for me, they have a "fresco" menu with "healthy" items which supposedly have under 10 grams of fat. I ordered a burrito and a taco.

I drove back to work. And hastily swallowed down both. They were surprisingly tasty. The soft steamed tortilla melts in your mouth. The meat is very spicy. The lettuce is fresh and crispy as are the tomatoes.

The only oddity is that the burrito and the soft taco appeared and tasted identical. I couldn't tell the difference between the two! They're the same size, texture and flavor. Anyway, it was good stuff and I would strongly consider going back, if need be.

Anyway, like Chevron gasoline, the fresco menu at taco bell is one of the pleasures in life thrown to the minion like a nickel tossed to street children by a heavy set american tourist in a third world country.

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  1. neither pepsi nor tricon have owned any portion of those chains for a really long time. they're all (and a&w, long john silvers) owned by yum!

    taco bell is the bomb. i just wish they'd bring back the 39 cent menu.

    1. I really really would like to love their 'fresco' items but every time I have tried them, the tortilla is ice cold. Maybe it's just the location I go to but it really ruins it for me.

      1. The tortillas were nicely steamed on my order. I think it's because I left it lying around for a few minutes. Man, late night taco bell runs are a rite of passage for twenty something party animals, eh?