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Jun 10, 2009 11:09 AM

New seafood/fish store in Marlboro?

On Rt. 9 North, just past the entrance to ShopRite, there's a small pink building, that used to be a store called "Shelly's Touch." It's sat empty for some time.

Recently there's been work on it, with a dumpster onsite. Today my wife told me there's a sign/facade going up with pictures of crabs and lobster on it. So, I'm thinking.. definitely a fish/seafood store.. hopefully something with take-out as well. It will be a nice addition to the area.. plus it's encouraging to see someone opening something new considering the economy.

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  1. Other Marlboro food news: A Middle Eastern/Kosher deli/store with attached restaurant is being planned/built in the Marlboro Square shopping center. Also, Sam Vera is enclosing their first and second floor porch areas.

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      Shelly's Touch was a woman's clothing boutique. It will be interesting to see exactly what kind of fish/seafood shop is being installed there. Though, to be honest, it would take a lot to pry me away from buying my fish and seafood at Wegmans. Unless they will be carrying a wide variety with quality at least the equal of Wegmans, I can't see them making it. You might recall that Spike's used to have a satellite location on Route 9. They started with a fish market in front and a small eating area, then got a liquor license and expanded the dining facilities. But in the end, they didn't last very long.

      With regard to SamVera, we discussed the construction going on there on this thread:

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        Well, I took a look for myself today. Next time I will do my own sightings so as to avoid embarrassment. It looks like the building was a seafood place BEFORE it was Shelly's Touch.. the facade looks old and faded, plus there is only the top half of a crab and lobster.

        The other two pieces of info seem to be true, though.. I gleaned them from the Marlboro Planning Board minutes.

        Oh, and Marlboro Square is where the Pathmark, Kohl's, and Staples are.

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          Real nice Marlboro Man! You had me licking my chops! lol

          Now you have to treat us to a lobster dinner.....heee heeee!!! :)

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            I also got a look at what's going on with the former Shelly's Touch building. Granted, I was in my car on the south side of 9, but I could see that they've removed the roof of the building, and only the exterior walls remain. Seems to me they'd be better off demolishing the whole thing and starting from scratch. Maybe that's what they will do. But in any case, I was too far away to see any signage indicating what is going to be located there.

            I never think of that shopping strip as "Marlboro Square." Does the signage say that? To me, it's always been the Pathmark shopping center. I wonder which empty space the new kosher store will occupy.

            1. re: RGR

              Yeah, we saw the roof removed too.. very strange. Maybe they're on a limited budget and demolishing it by hand because they can't afford a bulldozer?

              But, alas, the mystery is solved. It's going to be a dental office. Oh boy! How exciting! (Note my sarcasm).

        2. re: MarlboroMan

          Which shopping center is Marlboro Square?

          1. re: charmel

            Rt 9 North right behind the McDonalds @ Rt 520 and diagonally across from Lowes.

        3. Does anyone know what's going on with that building that's next door to Paradise Pets?
          The construction just stopped.

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            I presume you mean the hulking building that was Paradise Pets (started out as a restaurant and was also a garden center)? I passed it today and it appears that whatever they were doing, it's stopped completely. Could be they ran out of money or could not get the approvals they needed to continue. In any case, it's really an eyesore!