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Jun 10, 2009 10:55 AM

Nice supper in Rome, September 2009?

Hello to all new Chowhound friends, and particularly Maureen. This is BuckyE, a participant on the Slow Travel Fora. I'm popping in here asking for some **expert** advice. I've been Searching this forum and adding recommendations in general to my List, but this question is kind of specific, so I hope you won't mind my asking what may have been discussed before.

Loie and I will be taking our niece Alyssa to Rome this fall, in late September. Loie wants to return to the Enoteca Capranica for a nice supper. (We've had lunch there.) I wonder if there are any other particular recommendations for a semi-formal, Roman cuisine supper? I'd be happy to eat at the Enoteca again. We had a very nice meal and service there a few years ago. But it might be fun to try someplace else, too!

We'll be staying on via Margutta. This supper need not be close (a cab home afterward would certainly be an option), but I think in the inner city or Trastevere, perhaps Prati. Don't think for this we want to be as far afield as, say, Garbatella.

Note we're both fans of relatively simple cooking, and not particularly impressed by flashy presentation, although pretty is good. I'm also fairly curmudgeonly about local ingredients, so anyplace featuring Maine lobster or Kobe beef would probably not be our top choice. ;^)

Any advice on other venues like the Enoteca Capranica would be appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  1. For classic Roman cuisine in an upscale but not over-the-top setting, I'd recommend Checchino dal 1887 in Testaccio, and I think mbfant might agree.

    1. Did you check There are some really good reviews for local restaurants which you can map out...

      1. Hey, BuckyE,

        My husband and I always have a great dinner and a great time at Santa Lucia, just at the top end of Piazza Navona. If you go to their website, don't let all the movie star client stuff put you off. It's actually a very good restaurant, and the clientele is Roman as well as Hollywood...ian. In season, their pasta with tartuffo bianco cannot be beat. And one of the very best geletarias in Rome is adjacent to it at the same end of the Piazza. What's not to love?

        Santa Lucia Ristorante
        Largo Febo, 12, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

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          Oh, and it would be great fun to spot a celebrity. Although I'm so out of the loop of contemporary culture I probably wouldn't recognize anyone! Maybe some other diners would point discreetly?

        2. Wonderful suggestions!

          I have last year's Buon Ricardo plate from Checchino dal 1887. I liked the place and they were very helpful when we needed to mooch around a bit before we came back, for lunch. I think Loie might consider that.

          Not sure about TripAdvisor. Seems kind of like Slow Travel, which is that opinions are gathered from so many people with so many different criteria. In general, I probably have enough reasonably good restaurants/trattorrias (105, so far) mapped to tide us over in most parts of the city!

          Santa Lucia looks lovely. Perhaps a bit big and busy for our special supper? It definitely goes on the List, though.

          Any other ideas would be welcome. It's great to hear from those in the know!

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          1. re: BuckyE

            Hiya BuckyE. That's Buon Ricordo, not Ricardo. Yes, I would go along with Checchino, which is one of the few places that serve unreconstructed traditional food in somewhat upmarket surroundings. the rooms is basically a trattoria, but the wines, cheeses, and general tone are several cuts above. Piperno could be an idea for traditional fare in surroundings suitable for an occasion. You might also consider Al Ceppo.

            1. re: mbfant

              Excuse my poor typing, please. I guess the image of a pig wearing the Colosseum for a hat, and a cow wearing St. Peter's dome just gets me all confused.

              More great suggestions! Now we have four very fine choices. Enough for several suppers and a lunch or two! Thank you all. This is exactly what I'd been hoping for.

          2. Sorry to jump into the thread but we will be spending a few days in Rome in late August, after some time in Greece. I am just starting to collect some restaurant names.

            If anyone has a short list of some good recommended spots, could they post that? We are looking for excellent Roman fare, not too formal, but price isn't key. Just not touristy, so to speak. Some place in Trastavere too? We are staying near Borghese but can take taxis. Thanks.

            I will also check on those listed here.