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Jun 10, 2009 10:40 AM

Driving from Phil to Pitt - where to eat lunch?

We're driving from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh and are looking for a place to stop and eat lunch on our way. Trying to avoid McDonald's etc. but not opposed to a good burger or other non-chain fast food. Any suggestions? Casual is good too.

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  1. I would say to grab some hoagies in Philly before you leave and eat them at a rest stop on the Turnpike. They always taste better when they've had a chance to "marinate" for a while.

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      Don' t know if this will work for you as far as the timing but
      I had breakfast here. Not far off the turnpike.
      The food was quite good

      1. re: cpski

        This was very helpful.
        We will be driving west in a few weeks and welcome a place to stop other than the Turnpike places. Thank you.

        1. re: sylviag

          Green Harvest Co. is good, finally stopped there a couple months ago. The web site makes it seem more like a shop and/or product company, but it's mainly a cafe (table service) with a tiny bit of a shop. The "Daily Specials" page also has the full regular menu:

          This is in Bedford, BTW.

          1. re: CrazyOne

            We're a couple of weeks away from heading towards Pittsburgh. How far off the PA TPK is Green Harvest Co.?

        2. re: cpski

          Stopped at Green Harvest for lunch today. They had just closed. Fortunately, they offered to make any "cold" sandwich/wrap that we wanted. I had the Greek Wrap and my wife had the Sesame Chicken Wrap. Both were very good. I told them we had learned about them on CH. They'd never heard of it and were very surprised. If you're going by the Bedford exit of the TPK and need some food, it's only about 2 miles from the exit. Next time we're heading by, we'll be sure to be there before closing!

          1. re: bucksguy14

            Sorry I missed your query a couple weeks ago there (not sure what happened to make me miss it) but sounds like it turned out okay. Looks like the Green Harvest web site commits one of my pet peeves: no hours are listed! I didn't realize we had to worry about them closing after lunch, I guess because when we've stopped it's been around prime lunch time, noon or 1:00, something like that.

      2. Does anyone know of something decent (not fast food) between Carlisle and Bedford? My wife wouldn't last 3 1/2 hrs before lunch!

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        1. re: bucksguy14

          Carlisle is your last chance to eat something decent before you head towards Bedford.

        2. Thank you for the recommendation. We stopped at Green Harvest Company and it was really good. So much better than the rest stop food we usually have on our trip. We'll make it an annual stop.

          1. Two words: Mel's Ribs!

            It's in Newry, PA and is hands down, the best BBQ I've had. Definitely not any healthier than McDonalds, but much tastier.

            1. Stopped at Green Harvest Co. in Bedford on our way to the Shore... It was definitely worth the detour of the turnpike!