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Jun 10, 2009 09:56 AM

Edgerton, WI suggestions?

I have a project coming up which will require me to travel to Edgerton, Wi on a bi-monthly basis. Am looking for any suggestions of places to eat during my visits. Thanks.

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  1. Nothing at all? I think Edgerton is about half an hour south of Madison.

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      Edgerton is a relatively small city, used to be a tobacco town. I think there is still a festival called Tobacco Days that is still held sometime in the summer. Can't help you with any dining info. There is probably a cafe in the downtown area. Maybe you could ask your work acquaintances for suggestions. Janesville is relatively close too. I'd search the board for Janesville and Madison restaurants. You'll find an abundance of info on the Madison dining scene.

    2. Edgerton is around Lake Koshkonong and there are great eating places in town and by the lake. Fox Point Grille is excellent along with Ray's Family Restaurant. We also have A&W and Subway and other eateries I am sure I am missing along with the bar and grills in town.

      Out by the lake there is Buckhorn Supper, Emilgail's, Lake House Inn, Finn's Bar and Grill, Anchor Inn and Norm's Hideaway. There is also McDonald's, Culver's, etc.

      I have never had a bad meal in any of the above restaurants.

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      1. Edgerton is very tiny. You may also want to look into restaurants in Lake Geneva, about 30 minutes east, which began life as a resort town for wealthy Chicagoans about a century ago and is still popular for getaways and day-trippers. I apologize that I don't have any specifics to offer.